Exciting Update from Lara!


Praise the Lord! ONLY by God’s grace FOR God’s glory, I wrote and published my new book 100 Days of Thanksgiving: a Devotional-Journal from the Heart of Lara Love in under 10 days except the cover which I did in advance. I have already sent it off to the printer to see how it turned out!

For a woman who was broken beyond human hope for about 20 years and who has struggled with one thing or another almost every day of my life as far back as I can remember, this to me is miraculous! And even as I wait for the book to ship to me, I have another book I finished not long ago awaiting editing and publication. And I have my usual Good News Daily writing online as well as the beginnings of my next chapter in my ministry work which is creating t-shirts, mugs, cards, posters, etc. if/as the Lord leads to glorify God and be a part of my life’s calling to help people become and remain forever followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am still on the road full-time for Jesus doing my usual streets & beach ministry and caring for my beloved special needs ministry dogs.

I am ever humbled and in awe of what the Lord has done and is doing through my life!

Perhaps you think this is merely an exciting update. I don’t believe it is. I believe it’s a testimony and encouragement to others of what God can do with a hopeless and purposeless and broken life when we turn from our sins, believe in Jesus Christ and in His death and resurrection and genuinely become His totally devoted followers. Receiving Jesus as Lord when we repent and put our faith in Him and sincerely commit ourselves to God and His ways means we receive God’s forgiveness, are promised eternal life with Him instead of death, hell, and the lake of fire in torment forever apart from Him, and His Holy Spirit comes to live inside us.

But this is just the beginning! When we truly live day by day willing to deny self, take up our crosses, and follow Jesus, it is amazing what the Lord will do in the way of transforming us, drawing us to Himself, growing and refining us, preparing us for eternity with Him, and enabling us to fulfill the life’s purpose He gives us of loving and serving and glorifying Him forever, of helping others to do the same, and of fulfilling the personal purpose He gives to us individually.

Please may my update be an inspiration to you to surrender all to the Lord & to His will – now and forevermore! Amen!

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Luke 9:23 KJV

You can pre-order my book when you click on 100 Days of Thanksgiving: a Devotional-Journal from the Heart of Lara Love.


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