Family Should NOT Be First


Sometimes I talk to people who are so unbelievably in love with their families, whether it be their spouses, children, grandchildren, etc., that they are most assuredly in obedience to the Lord as far as their love for family is concerned BUT they actually are in DISOBEDIENCE to Him in one exceedingly important respect.

Friend, you are absolutely to LOVE your family with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, but you are to LOVE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY more than anything or anyone in the universe. And, if you find you love your family more than Jesus, you are in rebellion against God and His Word. You are not worthy of Him, according to the Lord Himself.

Now you might quickly protest and say of course you love the Lord first. But when you look at how you spend your time, at your words, thoughts, and actions, at what matters most to you in your heart, at what is your highest priority in life, at whether you are bowing your knee to Christ or to family, at whether you are making your decisions based on what you feel will most bring happiness to your family or whether you are basing your decisions on THE LORD’S WILL FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILY, what do you find? Is the Lord number one? Or family?

If you now see you have your priorities out of order, and that you love your spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, etc., more than the Lord, I beg of you to repent and turn your priorities around! Jesus first! The Lord first! God almighty first! Always! Without exception! The Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God almighty in Christ, He is to be our greatest love, our highest desire, our all in all. And when we place Him number one in our hearts and lives, oh, how much more love, kindness, graciousness, peace, hope, giving, comfort, compassion, sensitivity, mercy, grace, generosity, patience, joy, blessings etc. we can bring to our family in Christ’s name for Christ’s glory, AMEN!

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” Matthew 10:37

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