Feeling Fed Up?


When someone shared with me how fed up he was about a particular situation, I listened, I loved, and I prayed for him with tears. A few minutes after we parted ways, God placed this message on my heart.

About what to do when we’re feeling fed up. Like we’re at the end of our rope. Like we just can’t take it anymore. Like enough is enough. Like the burden is too much. Like we’re too worn out to carry on. Like enough of this nonsense. Like if those people don’t get their acts together and start doing things right and treating people right, well, you know.

Like no way are we going to continue down that path, how could we be so foolish to do so? Like what in the world are we going to do next when we’re ready to scream, cry, tear our hair out, have a meltdown, breakdown, quit on the spot, seek vengeance, lose our minds, well, surely you get the point.

Ever felt this way? I have a zillion times over. Friend, I want to encourage you to do 5 things I have at long last learned to do when I am feeling fed up.

  1. Run to the Lord
  2. Pour out your heart to the Lord
  3. Seek and receive God’s forgiveness for any of your thoughts, words, or actions that are sin against God
  4. Forgive any and all people you need to forgive
  5. Do not act or react until you have prayed to God, sought Him, waited on Him, read and/or meditated on the Bible, heard the Lord speak by His Spirit to your heart which He always does in line with the Bible, and obey the Lord.

I had no plans to write this message. I had no idea what I would write. I had no outline. No agenda. I simply knew to write it, knew I had five points to share with you, and all 5 points just poured out of me onto the keyboard until this message was written.

May you be blessed, encouraged, inspired, and challenged in reading this message written from my heart to any and all who have ever, are now, or ever will feel fed up! Hallelujah, AMEN!

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us…” Psalms 62:8 NKJV

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