For the Glory of the Lord


I asked a friend the other day for help concerning a woman I know who needs a sense of purpose with her life. I inquired specifically about how to get started in a certain profession within a creative Christian company with which she is affiliated. Her answer surprised me.

“This company isn’t looking for people with a lot of experience with the gifts God has given them,” she explained. “The company is looking for people with gifts that want to use them for the glory of the Lord.”

How delighted I was to hear my own belief echoed in the hearts of fellow believers. So why was I surprised? I was surprised because in this day and age, I rarely hear people so surrendered to the Lord in their work that they are willing to be public about it.

Even for those people I meet who love the Lord and desire to please Him, I rarely, if ever, hear that the God-given gifts and talents are fully submitted to the Creator. Surely far more believers than I realize are sold out to Jesus Christ. But what strikes me as extra special is when they are bold and courageous enough to declare to the world that God comes first in all their affairs – work included.

While I continue to walk through a phenomenally challenging season in my personal life – so challenging that I have days in which I wonder if I truly will make it – I know one thing for sure. I am sold out to Jesus. And the gifts I have been given by my Father in heaven are His to use. All for His glory.

“What is different about Walk by Faith Ministry than the work you were doing before?” a friend asked today.

“We are not only about working with homeless dogs, and we never were,” I said. “We have always been about Jesus Christ,” I continued. “But people were not always clear about it. Now they know. I want the public to know who we are.

“We are a Christian ministry. The Lord comes first, and helping homeless dogs is only part of what we do. Our main purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we go where God sends us to do what He calls us to do, ministering His love to those in need – people and homeless dogs as well.”

Are you so sold out in your love for the Lord that the gifts He has given you are surrendered for His use? Do you use them for His glory? And, are you willing to tell the world He reigns – in your heart, in your life, and in your work?

To God be the glory!

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