Former Walk by Faith Dogs Celebrate Christmas!

Elijah was adopted by an absolute angel! Three days after adoption, he was diagnosed with cancer in several parts of his body. His new mom Patricia Rossi did back flips to help save his life. Despite the enormous financial cost and the emotional roller-coaster of emotions given the shocking news, she refused to give up – and would not consider returning him to Walk by Faith Ministry. Much time has passed, Elijah is in excellent health, and they are now celebrating their first Christmas together – in matching sweaters! Elijah was rescued from euthanization in Georgia and brought to Walk by Faith Ministry in VA, where he was diagnosed with the worst case of heartworm his vet had ever seen and had a permanent scar from being tied up by his rear leg. Today, he is treated like a king – and enjoys every minute of life with his angel!

Solomon was also adopted by a human angel! Found dodging cars and people trying to rescue him in the middle of a pitch dark country, hilly, windy road in Northern Virginia, he was taken into the fold of Walk by Faith Ministry – where his high energy and unruly ways just about put his foster mom over the edge. He was not an easy fellow to adopt out given his activity level – and would take a very patient, loving person to give him the time, care, and training he would need. Jessica Danner not only fell in love at first sight – she had every ounce of love and patience Solomon needed. He loved his new mom so immediately he almost wouldn’t let her sign the adoption papers because he wanted her full attention right from the start. They are celebrating their first Christmas together – lights and all. In fact, he looks pretty adorable decorated in them, doesn’t he? 
Thanks to Elijah’s and Solomon’s new moms for being their human angels!
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