Forsaking All


Forsaking All

“So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:33

    Is there anything you would not give up for God? Is there anything you are not giving up this very day and hour? True disciples of Christ are willing to forsake ALL. Not some. Not we choose what to give up. Not we pick what and whom to leave behind. All. Without exception. True followers of Jesus as Lord are willing to let go of everything and everyone He wants us to leave behind. Holding onto nothing and nobody that we might fling our arms around Him and cleave to Him and His Word and ways for dear and eternal life, living no longer for ourselves but living utterly, passionately, and purposefully and humbly with love and adoration and hearts afire for Him. Turning our backs on every single thing and person He wants us to let go right down to our very thoughts, relationships, and commitments. Understanding we were purchased with a price. The price of Christ’s blood He shed on the cross to pay the death penalty for our sins so we can repent of our sins, believe in Him, be forgiven by God, and be brought into a forever relationship with God through faith in Christ as Lord.

We are no longer ours. We are His. We belong to Him. He is Lord of our lives. He is our loving, righteous, holy, almighty beloved Master; we His servants. God is our merciful most awesome, gracious, glorious, heavenly Father; we His blessed children. Professing Christ as Lord for eternal life is not a matter of our mouths alone, but of our hearts and lives. What must we forsake? Our sins, the ways of this world, our possessions, anything and anyone whatsoever He desires we leave behind. He might not ask us to give up everything and everyone in our lives, but we must love Him so much that we would be willing to forsake all. For Him.

Have you truly placed every aspect of your heart and life in His loving, holy hands? Do you make decisions based on what would be best for you, your loved ones, what feels good, what looks good, what others say and do, your future, what the world teaches? Or based on what the Lord wills for you? On what He speaks by His Spirit to your heart in line with His Word? Is there anything you are not letting go for Him? Are you willing to let go of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE for God as He by His Spirit leads you? Your dreams, agenda, plans, desires, wishes, hopes, and wants?

The price of forsaking all to be Christ’s disciple is excruciating to the flesh. The reward is indescribably breathtakingly awesome. The love, fellowship, joy, peace, and hope of God forever! Oh, to behold His beauty and majesty and glory and be in His presence for eternity! He is Lord!

   May we be willing to forsake all for Him! For He is Lord! Lord of all!

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