Jubilant, Joyful, Jumping Esther Needs a Home!!!



CONTACT: Lara Love
Walk by Faith Ministry
Phone: 843-338-2219
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNcfGdDp9eA

NAME: Esther
AGE: About 5
MEDICAL: Spayed & healthy, on heartworm & flea prevention
BREED: German short-haired pointer – red tick hound mix
I’m jubilant, joyful, jovial, jumping with love & excitement Esther, & I’m all about love & play & rigorous walking & running & doggie kisses & hugs ‘cause I can stand up super tall to give you them. I’m looking for an active mommy, daddy, or family with loads of LOVE to give & receive. Everyone says I’m SO SWEET! I’ll prove it, too!

I was rescued from a hunting club where I ran to one day on one of my adventures. Trouble was the hunters there rarely used hunting doggies, and the caretaker whisked me away ‘cause he was scared the hunters there would get mad at me for being there and shoot and kill me. Of all places, God sent me to Walk by Faith Ministry with a whole bunch of special needs & senior rescued doggies. I know, I know. Not the greatest mix for a young, super active, doggie in excellent health like me. But the Lord always knows what’s best, doesn’t He?

My mommy Lara Love devotes her life 24-7 to loving and serving the Lord with all her heart as an evangelist & author & has a really unusual life ‘cause she dedicates her entire life to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ & helping people to become and remain forever followers of Christ – and caring for a big crew of special needs & senior rescued dogs. She has a huge heart for people that are lost, broken, hurting, hopeless, homeless, abandoned, abused, addicted, suicidal, dying, depressed, sick, criminals, ex-prisoners, the poor, well, you get the picture, & loads more.

Mommy said though she LOVES me so very much, she needs to downsize her doggies to have more time & energy to focus on the Lord and her ministry. I’m sad but super excited about getting an awesome new home!!!

I’m an alpha doggie & would do best with no other doggies or possibly the right submissive ones. I see cats & small animals as opportunities – for lunch. Ahem. I would LOVE to get LOTS of exercise and maybe even go hunting with a loving, responsible hunter who hunts far away from the roads & keeps me inside. Mommy said it’s not good for me to get bored ‘cause then I whine and dig and start daydreaming about my next rigorous walk – or I look for birds to jump up into the air to get or kitty cats – YUM – to run after. Sigh.

Will you help me find a safe & loving home?!

Walk by Faith Ministry
Phone: 843-338-2219

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