YOUR FUTURE: The Blank Slate


“…Cause me to know the way in which I should walk,
For I lift up my soul to You.” Psalm 143:8………

What if the rest of your life were a big blank slate that could be filled with absolutely anything? Imagine a chalkboard with absolutely nothing on it, and then your being given a piece of chalk and the instructions to write your future on it. We can’t write our whole futures, of course, because we can’t control lots in this life and world. But we can make choices, and make decisions, and take actions, and no matter what choices, decisions, and actions we have made in the past, we can make different ones in the future.
What if you decided from now forward to live your life entirely for the Lord Jesus Christ, and to fill your blank slate, your entire future, with whatever God has planned and desired for your life all along? What if instead of repeating wrong and ungodly choices, decisions, and actions from the past, and instead of living for yourself according to the world’s ways and standards, you really choose to live totally for God?
What would your life look like, friend? I want my blank slate to be filled with living for Jesus, and with doing what is right in God’s eyes, and with a relationship with God beyond anything I can imagine in its intimacy and beauty, and with loving and honoring and serving God, and with loving others and helping them to know and follow Jesus, and with experiencing the joy of being in God’s presence forever. I’ve purposed it in my heart to fill my blank slate day by day with God’s will for my life, with so surrendering to Him as best I can that what fills my blank slate is what God planned for me all along and brings Him joy and pleasure. I want Him to be proud of me, and I want to grow closer and closer to Him, and become more and more like Him, bringing Him more and more glory.
How about you, friend?

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