On the Streets in New York City


“O Lord, open my lips, And my mouth shall show forth Your praise.” Psalm 51:15

Little did I know when the Lord gave me the name Walk by Faith Ministry that He would teach me how to walk by faith, or live by faith, and place in my care numerous dogs handicapped in various ways that affect their ability to walk, and place in my heart and life countless people who need help learning to walk, or live, by faith, and that He would give me a love for walking, physically, as my main exercise and as an amazing opportunity to spend time loving and praising Him, praying to and seeking Him, worshiping Him and listening for His voice, and that He would ultimately call me to the streets, place by place, location by location, city by city, to preach the Gospel and help people to encounter, experience, and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was so shy as a child I didn’t want to win any awards because I would have to go up to the front of the auditorium and be seen. I was so afraid of men when I started to grow up because of my background of childhood sexual abuse that I found drunkenness the best solution to being able to be in their company. As the years went by, I was so broken by my own sin and by the sins of others that I became unable to function, to hold a job, to have a social life, and fell into decades of hopelessness with no sense of purpose and nothing to my life more than post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, self-mutilation, debilitating anxiety and depression, and went from bar-hopping when I got sober to hopping from one professional and self-help group to another with a bit of welfare here and a bit of food stamps there and decades of suicidal thoughts and oh how the list goes on.

Oh, what the Lord Jesus Christ can do with a broken life. Here I am in New York City, hitting the streets almost daily without a plan, with no agenda, with no program, with nobody but the Lord Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God, the Word of God tucked in my heart, sometimes a few of my special needs and senior dogs, sometimes not, and off I go to see how the Lord will lead me day by day.

He leads me to people, constantly, and people to me, constantly. Right on the streets. The homeless and hurting, the rich and lost, the struggling and needy, the disabled, the depressed, the abused, the angry, the hopeless, the successful, the dog walkers, the laborers, the foreigners, the locals, the beautiful, the dirty, the drunken and high, the craftsman, the atheists, the policemen with their hands on their guns, and on and on – and on.

Day by day, the Spirit of God leads me. He opens doors, He opens hearts, He opens ears, and, other times, the doors are closed, the hearts are closed, the ears are closed, but He leads me to them anyway so at least they can hear, or receive in the form of the Gospel tracts I always carry in the pack I wear around my waist. Oh, He leads me on! To tell the world about the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don’t go out for hours upon hours. Sometimes I’m inside, writing. Or ministering to someone on the phone. Or trying to rest. Or reading my Bible, studying, learning, growing. Or sending emails to people who find my writing online. Then a dog needs to be walked, or I need fresh air. And off I go, thinking all I’ll do is go for a little walk. But then there they are again. The people. All the people. In a city filled with millions of people who need to turn away from a lifestyle of sin and place their faith and trust and hope and hearts and lives in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. He leads me on, and on – and on.

I don’t plan it. He speaks to me. Sometimes I hear His voice in my heart. Other times, I feel His Spirit pulling me along like I’m a puppet being led by a string. I just land places, it seems. But it’s not just a seeming. It’s a reality. He leads me to the exact people He wants me to speak to about Him. Or simply to give out my tracts. Or to pray for. Or whatever He desires. And He tells me which people to pass by. To not talk to. Not today anyway.

I am not a trained evangelist. I am a led evangelist. Led by God almighty. I did not go to seminary. I am a taught student of God. Taught by the Holy Spirit. And by different preachers along the way, and friends. But mostly by God. I don’t write with a plan either. I write as He leads me. His Spirit pours into me. His Spirit leads me.

Through life. Walking. So much walking. Learning to walk by faith. Walking through my life. With the Lord.

Now on the streets of New York City. Next, wherever He sends me next.

A once broken beyond human repair woman. Now a woman in love. With hope beyond measure. Not in the things of this life. Not in people. In Jesus who is forever. Spreading His love. Spreading His hope. Spreading the good news.

That the only way to everlasting life is through faith in and a life devoted utterly to Jesus Christ. Lord forever!

I’m going to keep walking. Wherever my beloved leads me.

To bring my beloved glory.

To bring my Savior praise.

To bring others to Him.

Him, my Christ, my God, my Father in heaven, my Lord, my healer, my redeemer, my forever with Him.


Are you walking – with the Lord?

Walk, friend, walk. With Jesus. Forevermore!

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