Get Down


“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” Psalm 42:2…………

One night I was afraid to get down on my knees. Afraid of what He would tell me. But knew that’s exactly what I needed. To get down on my knees. Not just to pray. To surrender. To whatever He wanted to say. And to whatever He desired of me. To whatever He wanted to do with me. In me. Through me. So down to my knees I went. Felt like I’d never get up once I went down there. Like I’d crumple into a million broken pieces. But not only did I need to get down there. I needed Him. So down I went.

I honestly can’t remember what happened when I went down to my knees that night. But I know my need to go down there, to my knees, not just in prayer, but in surrender, to cry out to God, to hear from God, to yield to Him, utterly, to draw closer to Him, and Him to me, to be willing to repent if He wanted me to, for anything at all, to commune with Him like that, down low, low to the ground, humbled before Him, isn’t a one-time need, nor is it a need just of mine, nor is it a need that can only be satisfied when on one’s knees physically.

Christ’s followers must always be seeking Jesus, being loved by Jesus, loving Jesus, following Jesus, obeying Jesus, communing with Jesus, getting down low before Jesus, humbling oneself before Him, crying out to Jesus, pouring out one’s heart to Jesus, praying to the Father, God, in the name of Jesus, drawing closer to Jesus, and Jesus to oneself, coming down to one’s knees before the Lord, if not physically all the time, in the heart, bowing down before the Lord, yielding to Jesus, surrendering to Jesus, submitting to Jesus, breathing for Jesus, Jesus who gives one breath and life, living for Jesus, worshiping God, fellowshipping with God almighty in Christ Jesus. Hungering for Him. Yearning. Longing, yes, longing for Him. For ever more of Him. Forevermore. Getting down before the Lord. For more Jesus.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re thinking, remember this. Nothing, and nobody, in the universe, not now, not ever, is more important than Jesus, and nothing, not now, not ever, is more important than the Lord being your greatest love, your greatest desire, your greatest concern, your greatest priority, your greatest master, your greatest friend, oh, to love the Lord, come down on your knees before Him, friend, come down and worship the Lord!






















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