Your Gift in God’s Hands


““And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35…………..

Little gifts are little gifts, aren’t they, but they’re not necessarily as very little as they seem when orchestrated by the Spirit of God and involve the sacrifice of one of His children and are given in Christ’s name in Christ’s love for the glory of the Lord. Little did a sweet beloved friend of mine know when the Spirit of God told her to drop off two “anonymous” gift-wrapped bottles of coconut-scented lotion and shower gel what He had in store. In her mind, the gift had not been intended for me, but He had called her to sacrifice the gift for me. She didn’t understand nor was likely too pleased, but she submitted to God and agreed. In her mind, going out of the way to drive back to her house to get the gift and deliver it anonymously to me when the Lord instructed her to do so on one particular day was an inconvenience and bother, but she submitted to God and agreed. Little did she know what God would do with her seemingly little gift when she submissively placed it in His loving holy hands.

I received the gift in a little season in which I was going through a fiery trial and struggling to believe God truly loved and cared about me. The same God I was doubting was the only person in the universe who knew that for about a week I had been going in and out of stores as a little escape and kept finding little bottles of coconut scented body product I really wanted to buy but didn’t feel I should spend the money on myself to get. I walked out of stores over and again without the coconut-scented little gift I so wanted. God had used the loving heart and hands of my sweet friend to deliver to me straight from heaven a reminder of His love.

Is this not a wonderful little lesson on the giving of “little gifts”? Let us never doubt or minimize the “little gifts” in life when the giving of them is led by God and they are given in Christ’s love for God’s glory. Please be open to the Spirit of God as He leads you to give “little gifts” to others for the glory of the Lord.

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