Giving Gifts to People Who Don’t Thank Us

When a friend shared with me how hurt she was when the recipients of a gift she had sent did not thank her, I knew how she felt. In fact, not long afterward, I sent a precious gift to someone and did not receive an acknowledgement let alone a thank you. Soon after, someone told me I deserved for the recipient of my gift to receive it in the same light I had sent it – which had certainly not been the case. But I have learned to see the giving of gifts in a new light. The 3 greatest lessons on giving I have learned are these:

1. The 2 greatest gifts ever given were when God sacrificed His only begotten Son Jesus Christ AND when Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross to bear the punishment for all our sins so that those who repent and believe in Christ as Lord are forgiven and promised everlasting life. Who are we to hold onto the hurt of people not thanking us for the little gifts we give when the Lord is never adequately acknowledged and thanked for His gifts either by those who utterly reject Him or by those who believe in Him but fall short daily in thanking Him for His endless blessings and in thanking Him by how we live our lives?

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2. The Lord calls us in His Word to love, serve, and give, but nowhere in the Bible does it say we should do so for our own satisfaction and so people will make us feel good with how they respond. We should do so out of our love for the Lord and our obedience to Him.

3. We are commanded by God to forgive those who reject us and hurt us in any way, and we are supposed to keep our hearts filled with the love and mercy and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ rather than with hurt and self-pity and anger and vengeance and such. If we are holding onto these things in our hearts, we need to repent of them as sin and turn our hearts once more unto the Lord.

I still struggle with hurt and rejection when they come my way, and I can get upset when someone does not acknowledge or thank me for something I have given them or done for them. But this is all about self and not about the Lord. So I repent once more and turn unto the Lord who is the greatest giver of all.

Is it time to do a spring cleaning in your heart? If you are holding onto hurt, anger, rejection, vengeance, self-pity, anything at all that is not of the Lord, get out your vacuum cleaner, confess your sins to the Lord, receive His forgiveness and cleansing, and choose to walk in the ways of the Lord. Let His love prevail! 

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