Praise the Lord God almighty! My beloved Pastor Freddie, my father in Christ, has been found alive in Haiti. I know virtually no details, other than God has saved his life.

And I believe with all of my heart that God has breathtakingly big plans for Pastor Freddie’s Kingdom work as he walks forward by faith in love. God sent him to Haiti one day before the earthquake.

Pastor Freddie has always said that giving the Haitians physical items will never be enough. The Word of God needs to be taught, because the freedom lies in faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge, revelation, and application of God’s Word. I ask you not to stop praying now, but to continue.

The nation of Haiti needs ongoing prayer, and ask you to pray for everything Pastor Freddie and all the other pastors and missionaries will need in Haiti in coming days, weeks, months and years for the salvation, deliverance and healing of the people of this and all nations.

I confess that my own human flesh is ecstatic that my dear father in Christ is alive and well. But my spirit knows and is thankful for the greatest gift in the saving of his life – this is a man who dedicates every ounce and fiber of his life to the Lord’s work.

A dear friend said as she prayed for him she saw hope, and she saw Pastor Freddie’s arms outstretched as the arms of Jesus to the nation of Haiti. For this I am most grateful – not that in my little world a loved one has been saved. But in that the universe a laborer for the harvest has been saved to serve – which I know without the shadow of a doubt he will, and is, even as I write……..

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!!!!!

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