God Has a Plan for This


I’m a fixer, doer, go-getter, pro-active, energetic, figure-out-the-solution-NOW-and-get-on-with-it kind of person by nature, and when something needs to be done, I want to get it done and over and accomplished as soon as possible so I can cross it off my mental list since I rarely keep a literal list on paper. As positive as this can be – at times – it can also be disastrous because I can get so desperate to figure out the answer that I end up worried, anxious, and going at high speed all the while I drown out the voice of the Holy Spirit reminding me to SEEK THE LORD, WAIT ON THE LORD, HEAR THE LORD, and OBEY THE LORD and simply do what He gives me to do. When I allow my flesh to take over, I can get into some serious trouble – and exhaustion! Know what the Lord reminded me one day?

When He gives us something to do, when it is clearly HIS WILL, HE will lead us, guide us, and provide for us according to HIS PLAN and HIS PURPOSE for HIS GLORY.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and feel so responsible and desperate to get everything done the Lord leads us to do that we forget HE HAS A PLAN FOR THIS!

Friend, stop. Take a deep breath. Look to the Lord. Seek His will AND HIS PLAN AND DIRECTIONS AND PROVISION – and follow Him as He leads you forth! Certainly we have a responsibility to actively do our part. But let us do our part ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN! Amen!

Lord, I believe with all my heart I am not alone in this. I believe there are people all around the world who are like myself with this. And Lord, unlike in the past when I WANTED to do my own will and disregard yours to satisfy my flesh, now I love you so exceedingly much and so want to love and please and honor you that I want to find out what your will is and do your will instead of mine. Okay, admittedly Father, my flesh still rears its ugly head and cries out to be satisfied. But you know, my heart, Lord, and you know the hearts of those reading this. Help those of us who are doers and go-getters to submit ourselves completely to you and to let YOU lead the way! Help us, dear Lord, and thank you, dear Father, AMEN!

“Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

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