God Has a Reason for Doing This!


I wonder if you can relate to this. As I sit at my desk in yet another hotel room after 5 years of being on the road full-time for the Lord with my beloved special needs ministry dogs, I think about how for the umpteenth time in years past God has led me somewhere in life that simply doesn’t make any sense to me. And He has made ultra clear that He is not leading me onward as quickly as I would have supposed – and wanted. Suffice it to say I have run the gamut with my emotions. Sad, overwhelmed, stressed out, discouraged, scared, frustrated, self-pitying, impatient, restless. In short, self, self, self. Most accurately, sin, sin, sin. God in His mercy thankfully has been patient with me and listened to me pour out my heart to Him, pray and cry out to Him, and has kindly, graciously forgiven me my wrong. In the midst of it all, the Holy Spirit has brought to my remembrance an exceedingly important truth.

Unlike us humans, God does not do things randomly, haphazardly, foolishly, impulsively, by accident, without purpose, and without reason. God in His supreme perfect wisdom knows exactly what He is doing at all times and has plans and purposes for us all throughout the seasons of our lives. He also has a time line for all He does in our lives. We need not panic, we should not fret, we should not resist, and we should not fearfully, angrily, pridefully, lustfully, bitterly, worriedly, etc. go against God and pluck ourselves up out of where God sends us and pull ourselves away from to whom God sends us nor do anything whatsoever to get in the way of God’s plans for us.

I cannot tell you how many times in my years on the road for the Lord He has revealed to me either in retrospect or right in the middle of a particular season why He sent me where He sent me, and to whom He sent me, always all according to His perfect will in His perfect time for His perfect glory.

If you’re feeling frustrated right now, or scared, overwhelmed, etc. because you don’t understand why God has you where He has you, please put your trust in the Lord, cry out to Him in prayer, read the Bible, wait on Him to speak to your heart by His Holy Spirit, be sure to humbly obey Him, and yield yourself to the Lord as He brings His will to pass.

Please note sometimes we are somewhere with someone doing something NOT because God sent us but because we followed the voice of our flesh, the devil, and/or the world. In this case, we need to repent, turn to the Lord, seek Him and His will for us, and get back on track with Him. Always we should humbly yield ourselves to the Lord as He lovingly, mercifully, powerfully, and blessedly leads us forth, AMEN!

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,” 1 Peter 5:6 NKJV

“Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths.” Psalms 25:4 NKJV

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