lara’s UPDATE & Prayer Request


Shortly after I was violently assaulted by a New York City park after some time doing streets ministry there, the Lord made clear despite my original hope to have stayed for several more months that it was time to pack up and go. Over the past month, He led me down the east coast with a brief stop in Virginia to see family and pass out some of my Finding the Light Gospel tracts, to coastal South Carolina for what I thought would be rest but what turned out to be intense ministry work, and then on to Florida.

I am currently in Jacksonville, Florida, where He has made clear He is testing me, preparing me, leading me to write, and giving me time to get some rest (always a challenge for me to slow down!) and to do intense research regarding where He is leading me next. He has also made clear I am in a season of very big transition into the next big chapter of my life and ministry which will involve some very big change.

While Jacksonville is not a place I feel particularly comfortable and happy in the flesh, I am so incredibly thankful for a quiet hotel stay, for much time alone with the Lord praying and seeking Him and continuing to grow, for the time to write, and for how even in the midst of all the travel, change, and challenge along the away that God is ever drawing me closer to Himself, ever growing me in His image, and ever using me to fulfill my life’s calling to help people become and remain totally devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I praise Him for the warm sunshine which I so love, for delicious food as He compels me to continue to put on much needed weight, for showing me where I can take my prayer and praise walks which I so love despite being in a very commercial area, for the phone and computer which allow me to stay in touch with people, for the ministry opportunities He gives me, for my trips to the beach with my beloved ministry dogs, and for all His countless blessings. He is taking me much deeper in my relationship with Him and in my study and application of the Bible, and for this I am so extremely thankful.

I confess I have had my times of feeling really down, discouraged, stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted after 5 years on the road and with all the challenges along the way, disappointed, sad over how far away I am from loved ones, etc. But God has blessedly used all this to purify and prepare me and to continue to teach me His ways and how to be more loving, compassionate, sensitive, and understanding of His Word when helping others.

I also praise God for giving me more time with my sweet paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy and my dear Grace both of whom are about 11 now and who were hit by vehicles about 10 years ago before they came into my life. Miss Mercy has had tremendous pain recently due to arthritis and the years of dragging herself around when not in her wheelchair and holding herself up in the wheelchair, and I thank God for good vets and very helpful medication. She also recently swallowed a metal twisty which scared me to no end. God blessedly has brought her through that. Gracie is really slowing down, and I have medication for her as needed as well.

It is challenging for me day by day to discern their medication needs which thus far are as needed, but God has blessed me with about 20 years or so of dog rescue work so I have learned much along the way. I can’t imagine my life and ministry without these two precious blessings who have been such a part of my ministry work, and sometimes I am so sad thinking of being without them. But I choose instead as best I can to focus on the now and to be thankful to God for all the time He has given me with them and with all the other dogs I blessedly was given by God along the way.

I would be blessed beyond measure if you would please pray for me, my ministry, my ministry dogs, all the people around the world God reaches through my heart and ministry, and for anything the Lord places on your heart to pray.

If led, please pray especially for SAFETY of me & my ministry dogs, for wisdom regarding next location & transition period, & health of myself and the dogs, & salvation of Jewish family!

Donations and new monthly sponsors are always very welcome as well.

love & blessings, lara

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