God Knows What He’s Doing

The Lord has really put the word TRUST on my heart over the past week or so. Over and over, He has convicted me that I MUST TRUST Him. He truly knows what He is doing. It is one thing for me to tell people I trust Him. It is another to truly trust Him. My words, my thoughts, AND my actions should prove it. The Lord wants me to TRUST and to OBEY Him.

Twice in the past month or so, coastal South Carolina has endured a tremendous amount of rain. The first time around, I could barely keep myself from complaining. Of course, the Lord had just shown me that He wanted me to stop complaining in all areas of my life. What a test! The rain simply would not stop.

Then it dawned on me. The Lord knows what He’s doing. He knows how much rain to provide – because He knows how much we will need in the future. He knows all about the seasons to come. The first round of tremendous rain came at the end of winter. The ground was soaked. No, it was flooded in my yard. Ugh. Mud and yuck. But the Lord knows what He’s doing. He reminded me that He knows the amount of rain needed to grow all the green that will fill my yard.

Sure enough, over the past few weeks my yard has become a breeding ground for gorgeous, luxurious, plush GREEN. How I love to see an end to all the mud and a beginning to spring. So why would we have a second enormous amount of rain? The Lord knows what He’s doing. He knows how much rain is needed to sustain all the green and to keep it coming.

He also knows how much water is needed to fill my well to supply drinking water for me and all the Walk by Faith Ministry dogs.

If only I would trust the Lord – for He truly does know what He’s doing! 

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