God’s Amazing Yellow Truck


How amazing is God? He has shown me once again in yet another phenomenal testimony. When He moved me 4.5 years ago from South Carolina to Virginia, my husband and I gave away most of our belongings – including my bright yellow Ford Ranger pickup truck – because a woman promised us free housing, furnishings, a car, Internet, and phone in exchange for watching her property. Within 48 hours of my arrival in VA, she changed her mind. I knew the Lord had called me to donate my yellow truck to Pastor Freddie and my church in Savannah, GA.

I did not have an address or an established job to warrant a car purchase, but God gave me favor. I was able to buy a Honda Element in VA because I could not bring myself to ask for my yellow truck back from the church. Little did I know how God would use that Honda Element for the minstry He would birth through me and all of our miracle dogs. Nor could I have imagined what He would do nearly five years later a zillion miles away with the yellow truck. I moved back to South Carolina less than two weeks ago, and cannot express my joy at being back with my pastor and in my home church in Savannah.

How amazing is God? This past Sunday, I arrived in church to find Pastor Freddie showing slides of the vacation Bible school he and his ministry taught recently to 13,000 children in Haiti. Do you know what showed up in the slides? My yellow truck – in Haiti! How amazing is God? As always, He never ceases to amaze me. He knew exactly what He would do with the yellow truck He asked me to release to Him for His purpose and His glory. And I cannot imagine a better driver than the Lord Himself – of the truck, of my life, and of His children on earth.

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