God’s Buffet of Blessings

Have you ever stepped up to a beautiful buffet of an endless array of delicious, sumptuous, appetizing, appealing, yummy, fulfilling, satisfying, steaming hot, ice cream cold, blessings – and then stepped away with an empty plate? Me neither. I always find something at a buffet, and I don’t know anyone who does not. But what about God’s buffet of blessings? Have you stepped up to His buffet and partaken of the bountiful of blessings He has chosen for your life? Or have you taken a peek at them, even a stare, and walked away with an empty heart and unsatisfying life? Sadly, I have oftentimes done just that. But why would I not get my fill at God’s Bountiful Buffet of Blessings?

Honestly, for so long, so very, very long, I did not believe I deserved the beautiful gifts God has chosen for my life. Due to childhood trauma and the long-term consequences in my attitude and beliefs, I have spent most of my life settling for a mediocre life when I could have had God’s very best. Oh yes, I have stepped up to the buffet and taken a peek at times. Sometimes I have even stared enviously at all God’s awesome offerings, but most of the time I have walked away wondering why I can’t have what He’s serving up as today’s special at the buffet. But why?

Quite simply, for many years I did not believe in God. Then, when I believed in God, I had no idea who He really is. I believed in God, but I knew nothing of Jesus His Son and my Savior. Then, I believed in Jesus but had no personal relationship with Him. At long last, I fell madly and passionately in love with Jesus and found myself in a phenomenally intimate, deeply satisfying, uniquely personal relationship with Him. So why would I still not partake of God’s Big Beautiful Bountiful Buffet?

If the truth be told, as much as I love Jesus, I still struggle with believing the lies of the devil. The devil has done everything imaginable in my life to destroy everything good in my life – including my relationship with the Lord, my very existence, and the blessings God has planned for my life. So why not just toss aside the lies and believe what God has to say about my life? Call me a slow learner, but I am doing just that – slowly learning. I am learning to discern between God’s Truth and the devil’s lies.

I am learning that as the daughter of the most high God, I do deserve God’s best. And I am learning to distinguish between good and evil. The devil is so very deceptive, and oftentimes what looked good on the outside was actually the devil’s ploy to deceive me so I would let go of my hold of God and fall into the devil’s fiery pit of hell on earth. Well, I have spent enough time in my life keeping the devil satisfied.

I am now bound and determined to fall ever more in love with the Lord, and to step right up to His Big Beautiful Buffet of Blessings and fill my plate as high as I possibly can with all the good God has in store for me.

And guess what. If you think one overflowing plate will be enough for me, think again. I have every intention of picking up my plate when I am done, licking off each and every crumb of God’s goodness like a child splurging on a bowl of cake batter, and then heading back to the buffet for more of God’s blessings.

Forgive me God for not believing your best. Forgive me for believing the enemy’s lies about you and about my life. Forgive me for not enjoying all the blessings you have for my life. I love you Lord with all my heart, and I thank you for each and every blessing you have for my life. Please help me as I go forward to know the true from the false, and to fill up my plate to overflowing with all your goodness. You are amazing, God! Thank you for never giving up on me, and thank you for this beautiful, precious life you have given me. May I not only learn to partake of your Beautiful Buffet of Blessings, but may I share with the world the Truth about you, your love, and the blessings so that I would be a blessing to a world in need. Amen! 

James 1:17  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

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