The Significance of Your Insignificant Job

How do you think Moses felt about tending sheep? How do you think Paul felt about tent making? How do you think Mary felt about being a stay-at-home mom? How do you think Jesus felt about making cabinets? How do you think the fishermen felt about fishing for their livelihood – especially on nights they caught nothing at all! How do you feel about your job, and do you realize the significance of your seemingly insignificant job?

Your seemingly insignificant job might be a lot more significant than you realize – for two reasons. First, you might be in training for something much bigger – for the Lord. Moses might have been discouraged about tending sheep, but little did he realize how much his experience leading others would come in handy. After all, God used him to deliver the children of Israel. Talk about tending sheep! Imagine how Moses used the skills he had learned from his seemingly insignificant job when he ended up with a job whose significance will endure forever.

Second, your seemingly insignificant job might not be a stepping stone to a seemingly significant job. It might already be a whole lot more significant than you realize in serving as a crucial piece of God’s plan for the present. How is that? Mary had a baby. Big deal, right? After all, zillions of women have babies. A stay-at-a-home mom? Mary wasn’t in training with an insignificant job so one day she would land a significant job. She gave birth to Jesus the Christ! But in her own mind, she might have thought, “Great, all I’m called to do is have kids. How significant is that?” She gave birth to the Savior of the universe.

In my own experience, I have had both kinds of jobs. I have had jobs that are merely opportunities to be trained and prepared for a significant job in the future. For example, I was a copy editor for a financial newspaper that gave me great experience in editing that would be a great benefit to the day I would be called to do inspirational writing for the Lord.

I have also had seemingly insignificant jobs that are far more significant than I could possibly imagine. For example, I had two jobs in the Washington, D.C., area handing out free samples of nutritional bars to people in enormous health food stores. Big deal, right? Yes. Very big deal. I had an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus with the general public.

Have you ever considered that your seemingly insignificant job might be a whole lot more significant than you realize? Consider this. If the Lord gave you a job, He knew what He was doing. He always does. So why not give Him the benefit of the doubt and know your job is significant in the eyes of the Lord?

I know I have a much better attitude when I realize that any job God has called me to is significant. And if I am doing a job that He has not called me to, I need to turn to Him and ask Him to lead me to where He wants me.

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