God’s Cruise


“And blessed be His glorious name forever!
And let the whole earth be filled with His glory.
Amen and Amen.” Psalm 72:19…………

When a beloved sister in the Lord shared with me several wonderful joyful praises, including that she and her precious husband and children at long last would get to go on a specially themed cruise they had had to cancel several times in the past because of other unexpected financial obligations, one thing stood out above all else when it came to the cruise. Her focus wasn’t the fabulous places they would visit. It wasn’t the incredible food they would partake of. It wasn’t the entertainment that would keep them occupied. It wasn’t the time of year and whether they would enjoy a winter getaway to some tropical islands. In fact, she shared none of these details at all. What she shared was this.

She gave EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY to the Lord for His incredible blessing amid what I know for her family has been a years-long season of much trial in part due to some of their own wrong choices they repented of and in part due to the ugly and hard sins of others that took a terrible toll on them. Let me repeat this. She gave EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY TO THE LORD for HIS blessed provision for them.

She did not praise herself and her husband for all their hard work trying to come up with the money. She did not brush it all aside as simply good luck and chance they could now go on the cruise. She did not give praise to anyone other than THE LORD. Her thanksgiving was TO HIM. She did the same with the other big praise in her sharing with me also. She gave THE LORD THE GLORY!

I know for sure this family worked endlessly and tirelessly through all the issues and challenges they faced along the way, but she did NOT take credit for any of this themselves. She gave GLORY TO GOD! Not only that, but in her sharing with me, she told of how wonderful it is she can share this testimony ABOUT THE LORD’S GLORY to others and how she was rejoicing in HIS GLORY!

This isn’t about a cruise, friend, nor about my beloved friend. This is about you and me. And how every day of our lives we have opportunities to GIVE THE LORD THE GLORY for His indescribable love and blessings that come even when we’re in tough places in our lives. God is glorious EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES, and He deserves ALL THE GLORY for ALL HIS GOODNESS – whether it’s about going on a cruise or as simple as a cool breeze on an overly hot day, as big as a family getting to buy a house for the first time or a friend going into remission from cancer or as small as the loving companionship of a rescue dog or a happy hug from a child.

How often do we go through our days neglecting to give God the praise for all He is, all He does, all He will do in the future as He teaches us in the Bible? From blessings as unfathomable as Jesus Christ going to the cross to bear our sin penalty and being raised from the dead and the offer of everlasting life through Christ for those who commit their lives to Him as Lord. To blessings as little as a cold cup of water after a jog with a friend through the neighborhood park.

Let us strive together, friend, to do a better job of GIVING GOD THE GLORY – continually.

To God be the glory! To God be the glory! AMEN!

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