God’s Foot Fetish

Does God have a foot fetish? Probably not, but I can share five phenomenal examples of the Lord when it comes to feet. And, if you do not believe the Holy Spirit speaks to people today, a whole bunch of feet may just prove you wrong.

  1. Tonight, I e-mailed a friend in Pennsylvania to ask for prayer as I work on my new book project. He e-mailed his prayer to me. He had prayed for God to guide my footsteps. I was working at the time on several paragraphs about footsteps, footprints, and my walk.
  2. Yesterday, I prayed with a friend for her cousin. I know virtually nothing about her cousin. I prayed as the Holy Spirit led me. I told my friend her cousin had things to confess, that she had not done what the Lord has asked, that she needed to stop holding on, and that she had shackles around her ankles so her feet could not move forward. She could not move forward, I said, until she repented. My friend told me after I prayed that her cousin has a medical problem resulting in swollen ankles. 
  3. Some years ago, a pastor friend at a meeting taught us how to hear the Lord and asked us to share if we heard anything from Him. I was embarrassed to say to the group that I felt I had heard the Lord tell someone to throw away their sneakers. Why would the Lord say such a foolish thing? Obviously, I thought, I must not have heard from the Lord. I was astounded when a man in the group was ecstatic to hear what I shared. He said he had desperately needed to let things go, and that the Lord had put on his heart that he needed to throw away his old sneakers. 
  4. I called a friend years ago and told her I had seen in my spirit, well, quite, frankly, her feet. She had been bending over them. I felt that it had something to do with paint, or some such thing. Sure enough, she told me, she had been painting her toenails. 
  5. Also a long time ago, I met a man outside a grocery store who was in a wheelchair. The Lord led me to talk to him, and the next thing I knew I was asking him questions about his family that I could only have known from the Lord. He was a perfect stranger. The man was in awe that I knew this. Within minutes, the man and I prayed together and the man forgave and sought forgiveness. I then asked him if he wanted to walk. He did. I told him how in the Bible the man who cannot walk is told, “Rise up and walk.” The man got up out of his wheelchair and together we walked down the sidewalk. I asked him when he had last walked. He said he had not walked in the three years since his accident. 
If God has a foot fetish, it is only in this sense. God is concerned with our walk. He not only desires that we walk, but He wants us to walk with Him – by faith. He wants us to stand up and seek His forgiveness when we fall, and He wants us to learn how to walk as He calls us. 
Does God still speak to people today? Absolutely. Why? For His glory, certainly not for ours. In each of the above instances, He had a plan and purpose for speaking into the hearts of His people. He spoke into my friend’s heart to know how to pray for me. He spoke to me about my friend’s cousin to help us pray for her and to know her cousin  needs to be encouraged to repent. He spoke through me to a man to confirm he had things in his life he needed to let go (not just sneakers!). He spoke through me to my friend about her toenails for some reason (I am not quite sure, but my guess is my friend knows). Lastly, he spoke through me to a man to show him he needed to forgive and be forgiven, and that he needed to learn to walk God’s way. 
Just like a parent who talks to encourage his or her child as the child learns to walk, God does the same with us. Learn to listen as you learn to walk. Our Father has much to say about our walk with Him. 
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