Update on Our Special Needs “Kids”

For anyone following the ongoing stories of some of our special needs, miracle dogs, here is an update…..

1. Mother Theresa, whom I thought was headed for heaven ages ago, is still plodding along – slowly but surely. She is with us permanently, as our special needs dogs often are unless we can find them very special homes willing to take on the extra responsibilities of dogs like Mother Theresa.

2. Winnie, our two-footed dog (no back feet due to train accident) is as happy as can be and loves her outings into the public where she gets plenty of attention with her big, beautiful eyes and wonderful, exuberant personality.
3. Glory, our mostly blind cocker spaniel, got all her hair shaved yesterday courtesy of Christ Trotter the groomer whose business is next door to Brooke’s Bed N Biscuit in Bluffton, SC. She is wagging her cute butt off flirting with all the other dogs, showing off her new hairdo! Of course, she is crashing into things along the way but doesn’t think twice about it.

4. Angel, who has had extremely severe skin issues since she can into our fold, went to a veterinary dermatologist yesterday in Savannah, GA, named Dr. Randall Thomas. He is a very big-hearted, dedicated vet who came up with a long-term game plan to best address her issues while respecting our ministry budget. I am excited to see her finally get some relief. For a long time now, she has been missing 1/2 the hair on her body, pieces of her skin fall off, she is itchy, and her skin becomes so exceedingly hot that she leaves pools of sweat and a rotten smell on her blankets and towels. I am confident she will finally have the life she deserves!

5. St. Francis was neutered a few weeks ago, and according to his vet Dr. Hennessey of Plantation Animal Hospital on Hilton Head, SC, his prostate has shrunk by about 80 percent! Praise the Lord! Though he hobbles and falls sometimes, he is happy as a clam! He loves his new life with Walk by Faith Ministry, is totally settled in, and has his favorite spot to rest along with an enormous fenced yard to roam around.

6. Billie, the only dog I ever purchased (years ago before I knew adopting is the way to go!), is now about 13 years old. He has slowed down tremendously, and spends much of his time curled in a ball in a basket of blankets that was never intended for dogs to hang out until the dogs determined that was the best use for my baskets! Billie, along with what were originally my own personal dogs, are now all part of Walk by Faith Ministry and through the years have sacrificed an infinite amount of love and attention so their foster siblings can get their needs met, too, as best I am able to divide my care and attention!

All other Walk by Faith Ministry dogs are doing well.

Please keep us all in your prayers, and particularly pray and help spread the word that we need safe and loving forever homes for our adoptable dogs!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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