Golf, Jesus, and an Admonition

Yesterday, I watched the time, the care, the precision, the dedication, the determination, and the commitment a group of golfers took in their focus on one single hole of a stunningly beautiful golf course. I am not interested in golf, and I only observed because I had stopped in walking a dog so I wouldn’t disturb them. And I wondered this. Why do believers in Jesus Christ not take the same time, care, precision, dedication, determination, and commitment, or any at all of these, in studying and applying the Bible to their lives?

I can only imagine the day we each meet Jesus.

“Sorry guy, it was too sunny to miss a game of golf.”
“Sorry man, I didn’t see the point.”
“Sorry big guy, I just didn’t realize.”
“Sorry Jesus, I enjoyed meeting you. But I didn’t really feel like getting to know you.”
“Sorry Lord, I know. I was just too busy.”
“Sorry Jesus, I just couldn’t get into it.”

I’ve heard it all before. Much of it anyway. Lots of reasons. Lots of excuses. Lots of too sunny days, too busy lives, too much not getting the point, too much of just about anything and everything.

And then I wonder. What will we do when Jesus says:

Mat_7:23  “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

What will we say to Him then?

“It was the perfect day for a good game of golf, Jesus.”

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