Goodbye Generic God

The very first time I felt the presence of God was in Jamaica when I was as lost as lost can be. For minutes, I detected the presence of something supreme. I walked away. The next time I felt the presence of God was in north England when I was further lost. I felt His presence. I walked away.

Oh, I prayed alright in those years. A few scattered times. Drunken, on a subway, I prayed God would get me to a bathroom on time to pee. I went to the bathroom and forgot to thank Him. I walked away. Who was God anyway? I had no idea. Then I found the biggest tragedy I see in America today. I found a Generic God. I entered a recovery program and was encouraged to pray to a higher power of my own choosing.

I prayed to my unknown, undefined, Generic God. My recovery, and my life, were as great as my Generic God. Generic. Limited. I was limited – and lost. Now I watch America lost, as lost as I was. Generic is always cheaper. Generic when it comes to God is also deadly. God saw fit to deliver me from my generic, limited, deadly life by introducing me to God the Creator of the Universe – and His Son Jesus, my Savior. My Generic God had me headed to hell.

My Savior died and rose again so I could put my faith in Him and be forgiven and get a free ticket to heaven. But that’s just the beginning. He is teaching me through the Bible how to follow Him and to live the most extraordinary life. My Generic God didn’t even offer me an ordinary life. He didn’t offer me much of anything at all – but destruction and ultimately death. Goodbye Generic God. Hello Jesus. Now I have eternal life – and an extraordinary life until I get to my next destination. So extraordinary. The real deal. Jesus. Hallelujah! 

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