How Big Is Your Heart?

I was born with a huge heart. No, I was born with a humongous heart. But my huge heart, once filled with love and compassion, got itself into trouble more often than not. I was sensitive, selfish, and so silly about love. What could I expect?

My human heart failed like all human hearts do. No matter how much I wanted to love and give when I wasn’t lost in my selfishness, I became hurt over and again when things didn’t go my way. My heart became hardened and stopped working. God gave me a new heart – His heart – when Jesus became my Lord. But my new heart became clogged – and hardened once again. God’s love couldn’t flow through my messed up heart. So God took a hold of my heart and gave me open heart surgery.

Ouch? No. Excruciating pain – over a period of years. God brought me to repentance and began the phenomenally painful process of purging my heart of all that clogged it. So what happened to my huge heart? My humongous heart? My heart is bigger than huge, and greater than humongous. I don’t even have a word for it. I feel God’s heart inside of me now. I feel His love, His compassion, His mercy, His prayers, His desires for a world in desperate need of Him. Oh, how hungry is my heart to share Him through His heart He has placed in me.

Dear God, thank you for your heart. Thank you for purifying me so you can live in and through me. Thank you for placing in your heart inside of me your love and compassion for a broken world. Please God use me to share with others your mercy and grace to a world that needs you like never before. Please save us, God. Please forgive us, God. Please draw us to you. Please restore us. Please give this world your heart. Teach us to love and forgive. Teach us to share your heart with the whole wide world. I love you, God! Thank you for your heart! Amen.

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