Got Love? I Didn’t

Got love? I do. But I didn’t. I used to tell people all about Jesus and all about His amazing love, and guess what. I was missing it. I wasn’t just missing amazing opportunities to tell people about Jesus. I was missing the whole deal. The whole nine yards. The whole kit and caboodle. Sure thing. I was great at telling people that God is love. Hey, it’s the truth. But if the truth be totally told, my heart was such a mess that love could hardly flow through. So there I was talking about love and doing just about everything but loving. And if the truth totally truthfully be told, I am quite certain I am not alone.

The Bible tells how the world will know who is a disciple of Jesus. Uh oh. You’ve got it. You guessed it. It’s all about love. Love? Yes. Got love? If you don’t believe me, I’ll just let the Bible do the talking.

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

Please don’t get me wrong. I did have love. But my love was stuck. And the love I had was much more human love than God’s love. So I had a big old love problem. God’s love was stuck inside my heart, unable to flow properly. And my human love wasn’t amounting to a hill of taco beans.

There is nothing quite like telling the whole wide world about God’s love with blocked arteries. Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Blocked arteries. God’s love could not get in and through me to get to where it was going.

The disciples of Jesus are known by their love for one another. I guess you could say I wasn’t well known, so to speak. But God took a hold of me. Not only did He convict me of my heart not working properly, but He showed me He wanted to do an overhaul of my entire life. To be honest, I was too broken to argue. So I let Him. Through several years of alone time with God, the prayers of others, my own prayers, much repentance, and study of His Word, guess what happened?

Got love? I started to have it. His love. Amazing. Truly amazing. My heart began to work. The love started to flow. And people started to notice. People started to realize I wasn’t just talking about Jesus. Over time, people began to see His love flowing through me.

Got love? I do today. Do I mess up? All the time. Do my arteries get blocked again with fear, doubt, worry, jealousy, anger, etc.? Absolutely. But I press into the Lord, repent, continue to study His Word, pray and move forward as I learn to walk in His love.

Got love?

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