HELP WANTED: Marcos Needs Major Miracle!

Marcos needs a major miracle, and if he had already received one perhaps he would be available to ask you for your help. But he is currently in a California shelter where he will soon be euthanized if he does not get his miracle. But this will be just one small piece of the major miracle he needs. Rescue workers nationwide and even internationally have been scrambling to coordinate efforts via the Internet and telephone – not to mention calling on the name of the Lord for believers – to ensure Marcos gets what he needs.

From what shelter workers can tell, he is an elderly, special needs dog who may well only have a short time to live physically even if he makes it out of the shelter. So what does Walk by Faith Ministry have to do with Marcos who is literally clear across the entire country? I believe in miracles, and the ministry has offered to take him into our fold should the Lord see it fit to transport him cross country. No matter how little or much time he has left on earth, I believe with all my heart he deserves like we all do to know the love of God – and of people, too. And, judging by the looks of him, he may well not know much if anything at all about love. 

Some might call this foolish to help a dog in his condition zillions of miles away, but I know the Lord always has a plan so much bigger than we can see. If you recall the rescue dog we had flown from Arkansas to our Virginia location after she her pelvis was broken in a car accident, God healed her pelvis without surgery and used her a year and a half later to help feed 40,000 pounds of peanut butter to starving children in Haiti.

Walk by Faith Ministry has witnessed the Lord at work in breathtaking ways, and I expect we will do the same as we watch Him through the miracle Marcos so needs. Please keep him and all of us involved in your prayers. This cannot be done without the Lord, and my heartfelt prayer is it is done that His name may be glorified nationally – and internationally – forever and ever, amen!
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