What Real Victory Looks Like


“I’ve been under tremendous attack from the enemy today,” I said to God inside my heart just moments ago. “I don’t know what I’ve done – ” I continued. But then God interrupted. “What you’ve done,” He interjected, “is you’ve decided to follow me.” Like so many fellow believers, I have mistakenly believed that following Christ means life will get easier not harder. But, of course, that makes no sense. The last thing the adversary wants to see is for us to make advances in walking with the Lord. In fact, he doesn’t want to see us walking with the Lord at all.
This morning, in my quiet time with the Lord, I listened for His instructions for the day. He asked me to focus on walking in love. The accuser of the brethren was not too happy with this idea. And, while I knew I would be tested by God, I forgot I would also be opposed by the enemy. My freedom today – amid the barrage of bullets from the enemy and the constant tests from the Lord – has come in one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. The gift of repentance.

Each time I have fallen today, I have gone to the mercy seat to seek the Lord’s forgiveness. The result is I have not ended up a victim in the trenches of the devil’s warfare. Instead, I have had victory in Jesus. My victory did not come today in doing everything right; my success came in remembering no matter what happens, to hold fast to the Lord and to get up each time I fall, seek and receive God’s forgiveness, and take His hand and walk on – with Him. “It’s not about how many times you have fallen,” my pastor has said. “It’s about your decision to get up and walk on.”

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