How Comfortable Is Your Church?

Today, I warned the people I preached to that they should expect to be uncomfortable, to get stretched, and to be prepared to be pulled out of their comfort zones. But then, I didn’t need to warn them. After all, this is the small crowd of people gathered with their walkers and wheelchairs at the assisted living facility where I preach the Word of God weekly. And of course, they already know me by now. They know I preach the straight up Word, and they know I don’t hold back God’s Truth for even a second.

They also know I get just as convicted and challenged when I preach as they do. Why? Because I yield to the Lord and let Him pour not only His love through me, but His Truth. And the Truth isn’t always so easy. Sometimes the Truth ain’t easy at all. Not especially, as one woman in our weekly gathering exclaimed today in so many words, “What you’re teaching going against everything I have been taught.” Of course it does, I explained. The world doesn’t teach the Word. And if we’re to follow Jesus Christ, and not merely to believe in Him, we need to learn, and practice, a whole different way of living. His way, not the world’s.

So this brings me to my question. How comfortable is your church? Are you challenged to grow? Are you challenged to change? Are you challenged to leave behind the familiar, the comfortable, your old life, your old way of living, your own fleshly desires, your own dreams and plans and agenda, as you seek the Lord’s face and dig deep into God’s Word and learn to apply it to your life? 

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