Lara’s Very Big Prayer Request

Every once in a while, along comes a prayer request so big that I know without a shadow of a doubt that only God can answer it. We humans have a tendency to run around sometimes (or often!) to try to fix stuff, and change stuff, and make stuff happen, only to discover that nothing we humans can do can even come close to what our Father in heaven can, and will, do when we yield to Him. So rather than scramble around right now to seek humans to answer the need and desire on my heart, I am choosing instead to trust and rest in the Lord and to ask humans one simple, and significant, thing. Please pray.

As 2013 draws to a close, I can say definitively that Walk by Faith Ministry had an incredibly successful year by the grace of God and sheer faith. Countless lives were touched and transformed, people met Christ for the first time, others returned to the Lord, people were convicted and repented, people grew in their walk with the Lord, sleeping bags and Bibles and clothes were distributed to people in need, I preached at a soup kitchen and at an assisted living facility, I distributed inspirational writing and Bible study writing on the Internet, I wrote and published two Christian non-fiction books in under six weeks each, I ministered to individuals and joined with other ministries to minister to people in need, and I cared for paralyzed, handicapped, disabled, blind, deaf, and dying dogs. And I, myself, despite continued big challenges, underwent a phenomenal transformation.

My staff? None. Volunteers? No regular volunteers. My ministry budget? A shoestrings budget, plus one larger-than-usual donation. My personal budget? For about the third consecutive year, my personal regular monetary income was well under $10,000 for the entire year.

But how? How could I do all this in a single year with virtually no help and a ministry and personal budget of such a small size? Simple. Jesus Christ. But why? For the glory of the Lord. Because I love the Lord more than anything or anyone on this earth, and because my life’s mission, and my ministry’s mission, is to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need.

As 2013 winds down, I ask you this. Would you please pray for Walk by Faith Ministry? Would you please pray for me? Would you please pray for the ministry’s finances, and for mine? Would you please pray for all the people the Lord will continue to bring to my heart and into my life to minister to? Would you please pray for the 18 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs in my care? Would you please pray however, whenever, the Lord leads you?

If I look at the ministry’s bank account, I have enough reason to shut down the ministry. If I look at my personal bank account, aside from emergency savings, I have enough reason to quit my ministry and go get a well paying job. If I look at the 18 dogs in my care, and add up all the time and care needed to put dogs in wheelchairs, feed and medicate, express bladders and change diapers on paralyzed dogs, put them in wheelchairs, run to the vet, let dogs in, let dogs out, clean, deal with smells and messes and sickness and death, etc., I have enough reason to turn them over to somebody else and go find a more comfortable way to live. I can’t even travel overnight because of them. Yes, I could give it all up. I could give up on the Lord’s calling on my life, I could give up on the people, and I could give up on the dogs.

But I will not. I am unstoppable, as a friend reminded me recently. I am relentlessly, passionately, undeniably, committed and dedicated to loving the Lord with all my heart, to loving my neighbor as myself, and to fulfilling the purpose He sent me on this earth for.

So please pray.

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