How Is Your Sex Life?


“Flee from sexual immorality.” 1 Cor. 6:18

Ugh. There is nothing and nobody I love to talk more about than the Lord. And there is nothing I hate to talk more about than sex – thanks to the aftereffects of childhood sex abuse. But I love the Lord too much – and I love you too much – to say no when His Spirit led me to write this.

So how’s your sex life? Before you answer, let me say this. I’m not seeking an answer. I don’t need to know. This isn’t about me. It’s about you – and God. And God has standards when it comes to humans and sex, and we’re living in a time in which this world’s standards couldn’t be any further from God’s. So how is your sex life? Is it pleasing to God? If you stood before Him right this moment, and had to give an account of your life which you one day will, could you look God in the face when it comes to your sex life and know you’ve lived according to His ways? Or not? If not, I have a message for you. From God. “Flee sexual immorality.” Why? For the love of God. In obedience to Him. Because heaven is for those who live for Christ. Hell and the lake of fire are for those who live contrary to His ways and refuse to repent and turn to Him.

I told you I would be transparent. I used to live for bars, alcohol, and men. I didn’t believe in God. I justified my behavior by believing what I did was okay because I did everything but have sex. It was all sin against God anyway. I was almost date raped once. Then my first time having sex was with a man to whom I drunkenly said no. He didn’t take no for an answer. I was too drunk to get up and leave. I had sex with both husbands before we married. My second husband and I repented before we married. I knew God by then. Both husbands abandoned me. Then came the test. I knew Christ. I gave myself to Jesus. If God wanted me to marry again, He would pick the husband. He gave me singlehood so I could be all His. No men. So now I could have a sex life with myself, to be blunt, right? No. Because no matter what anybody says, this doesn’t glorify God. I told God if He wanted me to be alone, I wanted Him to take away my sexual desires. What seemed impossible became possible. And being a pure single adult woman became one of my greatest blessings. Why? Because I am entirely Christ’s and my purity has brought me closer to Him.

How’s your sex life? Adultery, homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, transvestitism, gay marriage, sex outside of marriage, being involved with separated people who are still married, and abortion, and anything not in line with God’s Word is sin against God. Approval by society and the government doesn’t change God’s Truth. I am not here to judge you. I am here to love you – and warn you. Will you repent and turn to God?

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