Ten Crazy Things About Me


“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Mt. 10:39

    This may surprise you, when I tell you 10 crazy things about me, but what may surprise you most of all is what’s in my heart concerning this. Maybe you’ll think at first I’m deprived and nuts. But once you hear my heart, you might think again. You might even take a look at your own life and begin to consider a few things. Like just where you stand.

  1. I haven’t owned a television in years
  2. I rarely listen to the radio
  3. I almost never go to the movies
  4. I only read the Bible, and Christian books from time to time, and sometimes virtually nothing but the Bible
  5. I go on Internet “fasts” whereby I stay away from the Internet for a period of time to focus on the Lord and rest
  6. I don’t look to fashion magazines to decide how to dress and usually wear thrift shop clothes, hand me downs, or clothes given to me
  7. I spend almost no money on entertainment and live on a bare-bones income
  8. I have an Ivy league degree but instead of having a well-paying job lead a ministry and my annual regular income is considered American poverty level
  9. I am willing to be hated, rejected, ridiculed, and to lose every friend on this earth if that’s what happens when I live for Christ and stand up for God’s Word
  10. I would rather lose everything and everyone I ever dreamed of having and loving to live a life pleasing to Jesus Christ and to tell the world about Him than to have everything and everyone I ever wanted and dishonor God and live with my back turned to Him

Tears. As I write this. Realizing how far God has brought me by His Spirit through His Word over the years. He has given me a new heart. A heart for Him. What may surprise you more than the 10 crazy things about me is that I have never since the day I was born been richer, more blessed, more fulfilled, more joyful, more peaceful, more filled with unfathomable love, more overflowing with hope, more excited about life, had a greater sense of purpose, been more satisfied, and more desirous to help people to find what I have found. Jesus Christ. My life is crazy in this world’s eyes, isn’t it? But I’m just passing through. My citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20). With God forever. Why does my life look like this? I’m so thirsty and filled with the river of the Spirit of Christ I don’t crave what I once did and live and breathe to bring glory to God. Oh how glorious is the Lord!

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