How’s Your Love Life?


“I love those who love me,

And those who seek me diligently will find me.”

Proverbs 8:17…..

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6…………

God REWARDS those who DILIGENTLY what? Diligently SEEK Him. Diligently seek WHOM? God! Let’s go deep with this. He has REWARDS for those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. Diligent, according to, is defined as “constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything…” and “done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking:” He doesn’t want us to just casually, once in a while, haphazardly, when we’re in the mood, or when it’s time to go to church or Bible study, or when prompted by friends or family, reach out to Him. He wants us to SEEK HIM. To look for Him, to go after Him, to call out to Him, to cry out to Him, to pray to Him, to spend time with Him, to listen for His voice, to focus on Him, to love Him, to worship Him, to praise Him, to fasten ourselves to Him, to look to Him, to turn to Him, to lift up our arms to Him, to study about Him in His Word, to learn of Him and from Him in His Word, to sit at His feet, to lie at His feet, to bow down before Him, to kneel before Him, to commune with Him, fellowship with Him, open our hearts to Him, to hear Him, to draw closer, and closer, and closer still to Him. Yes, to SEEK HIM. How so? DILIGENTLY! As if our lives depended on Him. And they do! And we do! And we should! Depend on Him! Make Him first. Our greatest love, our highest priority. DILIGENTLY we should go after Him as though everything and everyone else is nothing in comparison to Him, for HE IS LORD!

Did you notice what God promises when we steadfastly, committedly, devotedly, with perseverance, with endurance, tenaciously seek Him? That He will REWARD US! I always figured He’d give us stuff, answer our prayers, bless us with this or that, here on earth and forever in heaven when we believe in and follow Jesus. Know what I missed? This!

When we DILIGENTLY SEEK THE LORD, He rewards us more than anything else in the universe WITH HIMSELF! The second verse above from Hebrews shows us God is a REWARDER of those who do. Now look at the verse from Proverbs above it. How does He reward those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM? With FINDING HIM! See how the verse says HE LOVES THOSE WHO LOVE HIM?! Christ is not only Lord forever, which is more important than anything else of course. But the LORD OF THE UNIVERSE wants to have intimate fellowship with His followers! When we DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM, WE FIND HIM. He LOVES US, and we get to LOVE HIM in return. We get to draw closer and closer to the Lord as we grow in His image and follow Him, and He draws closer and closer to us. And this relationship with the Lord for those who follow Him never ends! It’s FOREVER!

Is there any greater reward in the universe than that in seeking the Lord, in DILIGENTLY seeking Him, in being totally committed to seeking HIM every single day, hour by hour, breath by breath, than that we get to engage and interact with and bask in the presence of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! No! HE IS THE GREATEST REWARD IN THE UNIVERSE, and any of the tangible physical and even spiritual rewards He gives His followers on this earth and in heaven still are NOTHING in comparison with the greatest gift of all. THE LORD – and being loved by and loving Him forever and ever!

SEEK THE LORD! SEEK HIM DILIGENTLY! And ENJOY with great JOY and THANKSGIVING the reward of being in intimate fellowship with God almighty through Christ forever! Repent of your sins, believe Christ is the Son of God, is Lord, and died on the cross for you and was raised from the dead, and give your life utterly to Him, but don’t stop there! That’s but the beginning. Now go on – living your life to love and worship Him forever, and striving daily to SEEK HIM DILIGENTLY, making Him your number one love forever and ever, Amen!


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