Waiting for an Answer


“Glory in His holy name;

Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord!

Seek the Lord and His strength;

Seek His face evermore!” 1 Chron. 16:10-11………….

I asked the Lord a question.

“Do you want to hear what I want to tell you, or do you want to hear what you want to hear?” He replied.

His answer sounded indirect. After all, He hadn’t answered my question. Instead, He had wanted to get straight with me what my intention was. His Spirit knows me perfectly. He knows us all perfectly. His question was more important than mine. I needed to answer Him. Why did He ask me what I wanted to hear?

“A bit of both,” I told Him. I wanted Him to tell me the truth. I also wanted to hear what I wanted to hear. I was afraid to hear what He had to say. But I knew I needed to.

I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes we seek God, and seek God, and ask Him and cry out to Him and beg Him for answers, for direction, for wisdom, for guidance, for what His will is, but deep down in our hearts our motive is not so very pure. For what we really want to hear is what we want to hear, and we don’t want to hear the Lord if what He says to us means we are being called to leave something or someone behind, to do something hard on our flesh, to do something uncomfortable, risky, to leave behind comfort and the feeling of security, to do something that will require more faith than we can imagine, to go somewhere we would never desire to go, to approach someone we want to totally stay away from, etc.

“I will tell you what I have to say,” He told me a little while later. “Be willing to hear the truth.”

The pure reason to seek God is because we love Him and want to obey Him, because we call Jesus Christ Lord and live our lives accordingly, because we live for Christ and want to know God’s will so we can honor and please Him, so we can bring Him joy and pleasure in our obedience, because we live in submission to Him, our hearts and lives yielded to Him, learning to surrender ourselves to Him and His sovereignty, to Him and His will, moment by moment, ever learning to trust Him more deeply, more completely, more reverently to Him.

Sometimes, no matter how much we seek the Lord in a matter, the ears of our hearts are not all the way open, or not open at all. And we don’t hear from God the way we need to because we in truth don’t really want to hear what He has to say because of what may be required of us when we hear Him. Other times we hear Him clearly but then either pretend we haven’t, try to justify our own will instead of His, or hear Him and simply outright disobey Him.

The Lord speaks to His followers in His Word and by His Spirit personally to our hearts always in line with His Word and sometimes through our fellow Christ followers also always in line with His Word and sometimes by His Spirit through the way He simply orders our steps and helps us to sense His leading. There is no question biblically speaking God speaks to His children. The question is whether we are willing to seek Him, to hear Him, and to obey Him.

That day, the Lord was bringing to light for me that I needed not just to seek Him, but to be willing to open my ears – and my heart – to however He answered me, and to be willing to move forth in obedience to Him no matter what He would tell me.

If you’ve been seeking God, or need to seek Him, as we all need to do continually, ever seeking Him, His presence in our lives, more closeness of Him to us and us to Him, and seeking His will for us, step by step as He leads us through life, BE WILLING TO HEAR WHATEVER HE HAS TO SAY, don’t turn your ear the other way, don’t pretend you haven’t heard when He’s spoken, don’t resist when He answers you, don’t try to justify your own will, but remember who is Lord. HE IS! Seek the Lord. Hear the Lord. Obey the Lord. And spend time with Him daily, yes, every single day, loving and worshiping Him and enjoying His presence, studying His Word and learning to live according to it, and living to love and bring glory to His name!

Hear Him, friend, hear Him! Don’t hold back in your seeking, don’t hold back in your hearing, and don’t hold back in your obedience. For HE IS LORD. Yes, Jesus Christ is Lord forevermore!


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