I Am God. Who Are You?


““Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel,

And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:

‘I am the First and I am the Last;

Besides Me there is no God…

Is there a God besides Me?

Indeed there is no other Rock;

I know not one.’” Isaiah 44:6-8…………………

The Lord God was speaking to me again, which I am so indescribably thankful He does regularly, daily, as I so love to hear His voice, as I so need His love, mercy, hope, peace, promises, His glorious fellowship, regularly, continually, His instruction, wisdom, etc., and, yes, His conviction, chastening, and correction. Ugh. Ouch. Correction can be hard – but so very needed. Like on that particular morning.

I was daydreaming as I changed paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon’s diaper and jumped quickly into thinking about a hard situation and coming up with my own plans, my own agenda, my own “this is how I think such and such needs to be done.” I was orchestrating in my mind a grand scheme of which people I should call, what they could do, how this would all work, maybe I should call that person, no, maybe not that one, but –

The Spirit of God broke into my thoughts. He reminded me not only was the situation not my responsibility, as He had released me from the responsibility that in fact I had taken on in the first place without His directive due to pride, fear, and confusion, but it wasn’t my job to orchestrate everything.

“Who is God?” the Spirit of God asked me.

I was about to answer – how He is God but how I, yes I, well, I had these ideas, and this plan, and oh –

“I am God. Who are you?” He essentially said.

He was reminding me of this, and I am now reminding you of this. We who follow the Lord Jesus Christ are God’s CHILDREN, and we are Christ’s SERVANTS, or SLAVES.

Let this be a reminder for us all that when we repent and trust in Christ as LORD, we become His. It is not up to us to orchestrate our lives. It is up to us to seek Him, to hear Him, and in humble loving reverence to honor Him by obeying Him because JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

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