Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Hi everyone,

I haven’t sent out an update and prayer request in quite some time.

In a nutshell, I am more in love with the Lord than I have ever been, I am more devoted to Him than ever, am more thankful than ever about the ministry work with which He has entrusted me and the countless people He is reaching continually through my little heart & ministry, and am more excited than ever before about how He is leading me forward in my work as an evangelist & writer doing streets ministry work and writing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books.

Many of you know I did 20 years of dog rescue work before the Lord led me into full-time ministry & that I’m on the road full-time now for my ministry work with the very last of the enormously sweet handicapped & senior rescued dogs in my care.

Recently, He led me to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had a dog returned to me while out on the road that did not get along well with the other dogs. Being in a hotel room made the stress of having an extra dog unexpectedly and one I needed to keep mostly separate enormously stressful. For six years on and off, harder than I’ve ever worked in trying to place a dog in my care, I tried to find her a home to no avail. The Lord in response to much prayer on my part and the part of a prayer team for this specific situation showed me I needed to entrust her to HIM and to qualified animal welfare experts who would go to exceeding lengths to find her a safe & loving home. I placed her on a little plane that flew up into the heavens toward the Lord and her next destination as I released her into His loving hands and the hands of those who are called as their life’s work to help sweet dogs like she is to find them loving homes. I do not let go easily, and this has been harder than imaginable. But the Lord showed me that animal rescue is not my calling now, and that I was standing in His way by holding onto her instead of trusting Him to provide for her and that I needed to make myself totally available to Him for my life’s work – ministry. It is reported she is doing wonderfully well while the perfect home is found for her. Please pray for her and for my heart as it’s been so very hard to go through after so many years of being so dedicated to dog rescue and given how much I love her.

As for my ministry work, I am more astounded than ever at how the Lord is constantly leading me to people in person, by phone, and online to minister to. I awake each day and simply do my best to follow His lead, and He is perpetually introducing me to people almost everywhere I go to help people to find and follow Him.

My writing is pouring out like never before, and it’s actually hard to keep up with it as He pours it through me! I have been challenged with trying to keep up with ensuring it is prepared and distributed into the prisons and homeless shelters where it goes. I have one beloved friend who helps with this, but her availability is limited at times making it a challenge to consistently get everything ready to go and shipped in a timely manner. That said, I am exceedingly thankful for when she is able to help me, and trusting the Lord to provide more help if and as He leads.

I have just entered into a season of preparation along with the need to ensure I am getting enough rest as the Lord has made abundantly clear to me that I will soon have some big news to share with you about the next step in my ministry work. I have asked a few people to start praying and promise to share with you what will be happening as soon as He leads me to do so. Suffice it to say that I would be extremely thankful if you would consider praying about the next step in my labor of LOVE for Him.

I also ask that you please pray for all the people whose lives are reached literally around the world, from the hotel where I’m staying to as far away as Africa and other nations. Some know virtually nothing about the Lord if anything at all, while others are long-time Christ followers in need of love and encouragement, and then everyone in between. Sometimes they stay in my life, and other times the Lord simply calls me to plant seeds and move on. I would love to know they are being prayed for!

Above all else, I would be immeasurably thankful to know that some if not all of you are being led to pray DAILY for me and for this ministry, for those reached, for those yet to be reached as the Lord leads, for the little doggies in my care, and for any and all of my needs to be met by the Lord.

Please if you are led also pray for the Lord to work on the hearts of those He desires to support the work that I do. To this very day, very few people step forward to offer to help in any way whether it be physical help or monetary support. I do very little asking, and most of the time simply entrust this to the Lord. It would be nice to know people are praying for my provision no matter how and through whom the Lord might desire to provide as I press on.

Please don’t forget my health and safety in your prayers! Being on the road full time and doing streets ministry in this day and age not to mention being a woman, I rely on the Lord’s leading & wisdom & am careful to heed and follow Him. And prayers in this area would be much appreciated!

Sending each and every one of you LOVE IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

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