I Am NOT Special


I Am NOT Special

“And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.” Luke 18:19

Some people think I’m special. I am NOT special. Some people think I’m good. The only one who is good is God, just like Jesus said. People look at my life and think I’m special and good because I’m sold out to God and live wholly for Him. They think I’m good because I do stuff like minister to people in extreme need like the homeless, addicted, hopeless, abandoned, abused, rejected, depressed, hurting, criminals, disabled, dying, suicidal, poor, etc., and because I care for special needs and senior rescued dogs that are paralyzed, disabled, blind, sick, dying, etc. They think I’m special and good because I am willing to drop everything I’m doing to help someone in need. They think I’m special and good because I live and breathe to bring God glory. But oh how very wrong people are to believe this about me! I am NOT special. I am NOT good.

What am I then? I am in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. I love God with all my heart, soul, and strength. I live to love and serve and honor God and to proclaim Christ to the world. I live to love others with the love of Christ. I am willing to deny my own dreams and desires, my wishes and wants, and to forsake all for the Lord, including a normal, typical, regular life so I am totally available for Him. But isn’t this special and good? NO!

What is it then? It’s living my life the way we’re ALL called to live – in love, devotion, and obedience to God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! Not all are called to be an evangelist, author, and special needs and senior rescued dogs caretaker, to reach out to those in dire need, to be single to be available utterly for God, and to start a little ministry like mine, BUT we are ALL called to love, serve, honor, and glorify the Lord no matter the details of our respective lives to which He has called us.

I believe people think I’m special and good because my life is different than many others’ lives, specifically because I live 100% for God. But my life shouldn’t look different than others’ lives! Maybe in the details, yes, but NOT in the heart, love, devotedness, obedience, in being sold out to God, in being turned away from the world’s ways and committed to Christ. For decades, I lived a sin-ridden life dedicated to ME. Even when I came to believe in Christ, for years I didn’t follow Him. God’s Spirit led me to repentance, drew me to Him, convicted me to forsake all, and here I am. Not special. Not good. Humbled by God. Privileged to finally be living the life we are ALL commanded to live. In love, faithfulness, and sold-out devotion to God. I am nothing more than His little earthen vessel (2 Cor. 4:7). Not special. Simply sold out.

   Are you sold out to God? Are you His earthen vessel? Be His! Not special. Not good. Simply His!  

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