Would You Like to Help Me?


Hi everyone,

I don’t do this very often, but a young friend of mine has been nudging me to let people know about the help I can use. So here I am, believing the Lord is using her to give me a loving little kick forward.

As some of you know, I have dedicated my life 100% to loving and serving the Lord as an evangelist, author & special needs & senior rescue dogs caretaker, forsaking a social life and the ways of this world so I can be available to God 24-7 to love Him and help others to become forever followers of Christ.

After decades of exceeding challenges and losses, some of which remain, and you are very welcome to read my story on my website, I know that I am only on this earth anymore to love and glorify God and help people to give their lives to Him. I am relentless in my love and passion to do this!

Despite living on a very low income, operating the ministry on a bare-bones budget, having almost no human help, and forsaking all including a social life and typical American life and living an exceedingly simple lifestyle to be wholly His, I consider it a privilege, honor, blessing, and gift beyond measure to be called by God to live my life so utterly for Him!

I write books, Gospel tracts and devotionals, Daily Inspiration online, and weekly Daily Inspiration in print, which is read by people both nearby and in different parts of the world.

Though I minister wherever and to whomever He sends me in my streets and online ministry, I have a heart for the homeless, hurting, lost, broken, abandoned, abused, rejected, suicidal, addicted, poor, disabled, sick, dying, depressed, criminals, ex-prisoners, and more. I am blessed to minister to this beautiful population of people on a regular basis, and my devotionals are sent on a regular basis onto death row and sometimes to other prisons. I also am blessed to minister to people periodically who live in different parts of the world via the Internet.

Concerning the dogs, I have in my care 13 dogs including 2 paralyzed dogs, one 3-legged dog, one 14-year-old severely disabled with cancer, one nearly 17 years old with early stage kidney disease, one 12-year-old dog with a hernia and back issue, & plenty more.

From doing everything from the writing and publishing to ministering to people to caring for the dogs and all their exceeding needs and taking care of a relatively large property to the administrative and to everything else involved in my little ministry, you can imagine I am often exhausted. And there is always more to do!

Every once in a while, I have asked people if they would consider sowing financially into my little ministry, and aside from an extremely small number of people who graciously and generously help me with monthly support, very few people have felt led to help me beyond a one-time donation or once in a while help.
I am learning day by day to trust the Lord for my provision, and what an awesome provider He is! I never know how He will provide, but I know He does.

If someone asked me, “Lara, what could I do to help you?,” I would say this.

  1. Would you please pray for me regularly?
  2. If you live in my area, or have strong skills online, would you give some of your time?
  3. Would you become a monthly sponsor of my ministry and give unto the Lord by supporting the work that I do for Him?

The Gospel tracts and devotionals and the books currently are all distributed for free, the dogs have their needs, and I have my minimal needs as well.

How blessed I would be to know that on a monthly basis there are people out there that believe in what I am doing and would be willing to step forward and help with all this. How thankful I would be to know that people would step forward in faith and support of my life’s calling and would support me and my work.

If you are led to become a monthly sponsor, please contact me at love@walkbyfaithministry.com or 843-338-2219.

Now perhaps my young friend will stop nudging me, and, most importantly, I will go back to all the work that lies before me. But lest you think I consider all my work a burden, let me say this. I am elated and thankful beyond measure for that which the Lord has placed in my heart and hands to do for His glory alone! There is nothing I would rather do on this earth than to live and breathe my every breath to bring Him glory and to help others to know and follow Him forever!

Love and blessings to you,


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