I Don’t Like This!


You may not like what God gives you to do, where He sends you, what He calls you to say, where He tells you to move, what He wants you to let go, whom He wants you to help, where He wants you to serve Him, whom He tells you to let go, what He tells you to sacrifice, what He wants you to leave behind, to whom He wants you to return, what job He chooses for you, what responsibilities He wants you to take on despite your already really full plate, etc. If you can relate to any or all of this or anything else for that matter in the way of not liking something related to the Lord’s will for you, this message is for you.

Do not fuss! Do not complain! Do not argue! Do not resist! Do not debate! Do not throw a temper tantrum! Do not throw a pity party! Do not resist! Do not run the other way! Do not rebel! If you fall prey to any or all of this, repent! Immediately! As soon as you fall into any of this, stand to your feet. Run to the Lord. Seek and receive His forgiveness. Get your attitude right. Humble yourself before God almighty!

You may not like God’s will. You may even hate God’s will. God’s will may be so scary and daunting and intimidating in your human mind that you are vehemently opposed to it and think, “No way! Never! I won’t! I can’t! Not even a chance!”

Friend, read this carefully. These next four words. These words are so important that you and I can’t afford to look above them, around them, underneath them, or to the side. We must look right at them and see the plain truth and nothing but the truth.


We are to humble ourselves before God almighty and OBEY HIM! This wicked world is filled with human self-centered “wisdom” that tells us adamantly and pridefully and haughtily that we should live our lives based on what we like, love, want, crave, lust after, etc.

We are NOT to follow the world’s ways, friend! We are NOT to follow the flesh! We are to FOLLOW THE LORD JESUS CHRIST whether or not we like the will of God. Each and every day. Day in and day out. Day and night. Without exception. We are to live for the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will give us the love and strength and mercy and grace to do so!


The love, peace, hope, joy, compassion, strength, power, comfort, and passion found in Jesus and in an intimate beautiful personal relationship with Him and in obedience to Him and His perfect will for our lives is worth every ounce of dying to the flesh we must undergo when we get rid of our “I don’t like this!” attitudes and submit ourselves to the splendorous and glorious forever lordship of Jesus Christ, forever God, hallelujah! Praise the Lord! AMEN!

Oh Lord, forgive our self-centeredness – mine most especially! Forgive us for being so consumed with ourselves! Help us to die to self and to live for you! Thank you, oh Lord! Help us not to throw tantrums and pity parties because we don’t like what you tell us to do. Help us to desire what you desire for us. Refine us, Lord. Purify us, Lord! Give us an insatiable desire to please you! To live for you! Oh, God, how we need you! Beyond measure! Cause us to cry out to you for help in following you! Help us to be faithful and loyal to you! Deepen our trust in you! You know what is best, Father! Oh, Lord, help us all! Lord, fill us who follow you over and again with your Holy Spirit, AMEN! More of you, oh please, Father! More of you! Thank you Lord! Gracious Father, thank you, AMEN! And Lord, for anyone who may come across this message who has not yet turned from their sins and placed their faith in you as Lord, turn them to you, oh Lord, AMEN!

“But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” Philippians 3:7-8

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