I Want to Go THERE!


What happens when we desperately desire to go somewhere and it’s not the will of the Lord? We must not go, dear friend. We must not go! We must humble ourselves and live in obedience to the Lord no matter the cost to our flesh!

I miss New York City so badly I could pack up my old car with my handicapped ministry dogs and our stuff in a heartbeat and head right up the east coast back to what I crave and long for. As greatly challenging as the city was both times the Lord sent me there for long seasons of ministry work there, I desperately miss being there given the amazing endless opportunities there to go out onto the streets and talk to people about the Lord Jesus Christ, give them my Gospel tracts, pray for them, encourage them, challenge them with God’s truth, help them, share hope with them, tell them my testimony, and love them with Jesus’ love.

But God in His perfect will according to His perfect plan and His perfect timing is not calling me there right now and perhaps not ever at least in part because He has work for me to do in other places including very much so where He has me right now.

I have long since learned, the hard way mind you given my disobedience in the past, that a Christ follower is to follow Christ not our fleshly desires. When our will does not line up with His, we are to do HIS WILL not ours!

Our flesh can be very loud and demanding to get its desires fulfilled, but our greatest desire – and COMMITMENT – needs to be to love, please, and honor Christ NOT SELF! No matter the cost to our flesh and the challenge of denying it and the dying to self we must do in living for Christ, we must be true to the Lord NOT SELF!

This means when we have strong feelings of “I want to go THERE”, and we pray and wait on God and come to find He does not want us to go THERE at least at this time if not ever, we need to forsake what we yearn for and be where the Lord wants us instead! To do what He wants us to do! Not what our flesh desires when it is apart from His will.

When we want to go to a different place, job, house, relationship, location, relationship, church, job, ministry opportunity, school, country, etc., no matter where it is we long to go, we need to submit ourselves to the Lord and do His will no matter what our flesh has to say about it and even when His will means we have to forsake our desperate desire.

Lord, I have sometimes prayed that you would take away a desire I have if it is not your will. To take away the longing. Please, Lord, I pray for my readers now, dear God, that you would take away any desires we have that do not line up with your will. I know that’s a lot to ask, but I’ve witnessed you answer this prayer before for myself! Now I ask it for many of us! Lord, please help us to desire what you desire for us!

I think of the verse, God, about delighting in you. And how you will give us our heart’s desires. I believe with all my heart, Father, that when we truly delight in you, when we are truly TOTALLY DEVOTED to you, that what you desire for us is what we desire. Because when we love you beyond description and hunger to love, please, and honor you, then we desire to do what brings you joy and pleasure.

Dear God, help us to delight in you. Help us to want what you want for us. Help us to seek and hear and obey you. For any and all of us wanting desperately to go somewhere, wherever that may be, please let us know if it is your will or not. If it is, I pray you would give us all we need to go in your time for your glory. If it is not your will, Lord, help us to focus on you and your Word and to wait on you for your wisdom and directions and timing. May your will be done, oh God. AMEN!

“Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

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