Impossible Situations

I can respond to impossible situations in two ways. I can look to the situation, see its impossibility, and wallow and sink in fear and unbelief. Or, I can look at the Lord and believe He can do something about the impossible situation. The devil wants me to focus on the situation and place my faith in its impossibility. In my unbelief, I will then react in my thoughts, words, and actions with a heart full of unbelief. Alternatively, I can look to the Lord and become a player in His supernatural plan. With my thoughts, words, and actions, I can be used by Him as He in His love and mercy demonstrates His power and glory.

I have several seemingly impossible situations in my life right now. Two situations involve loved ones, and a third involves myself. I have spent more than enough time staring at the situations and falling in faith. But every time I glance at the Lord, I find a kernel of faith. My trouble is that I have reverted back to staring at the situation and falling further in my faith. The answer is to turn back to the Lord and keep my eyes and heart fixed on Him.

When I stare at these people and situations, I do not only experience fear. I begin to make decisions based on this fear. So I think defeating thoughts, I speak words I should not speak, and I take actions that interfere with God’s supernatural plan. The devil’s goal is exactly this – to mess me up so I mess up the situation rather than trust God to do the impossible with these impossible situations. 
When I keep my heart and eyes fixed on the Lord and His Word, I become an instrument He can use to touch and transform lives. When I am focused on Him, I can also discern when to step out of His way so He can use others, or perhaps nobody at all, to touch and transform lives and situations. 
The Lord has reminded me lately that the more impossible a situation seems, the more opportunity He has to shine forth and show the world He is sovereign. Impossible situations clearly show that humans cannot fix them. Only God can. So the more impossible the situation, the more obvious it is when God steps in and shows His love and mercy. 
Every impossible situation comes with a choice – to look at the situation or the Lord. The choice is ours. If you are facing impossible situations, where are you placing your heart and your eyes? The choice is simple. The answer is simple. Choose the way of the Lord – choose Life.

Mar 10:27  “And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” KJV
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