Thanksgiving in September

Not too many months ago, I wrote a piece about celebrating Thanksgiving in an unusual month of the year. After all, we Americans are prone to remember Thanksgiving when the holiday comes around – and not always in other months of the year. Not too long after I wrote the piece, I resumed waiting for Thanksgiving for thanksgiving – albeit with a few recollections along the way that praising God should not be reserved for November. Now here I am walking through a rough patch in my faith journey, and this time I remembered not to wait for November to celebrate the Lord and all His endless blessings.

Today, as clouds settled down on top of my soul, as a combination of oppression and depression settled down on top of my spirit, I am grateful to say I did not forget. Even in the midst of the valleys, even when faced with the mountains, even when the sunshine with our human eyes might be hard to see – the Lord never stops loving us and never stops standing before us with His open heart and open arms to lift us up and out of our seemingly impossible places and situations.

Though I wish I could say I remembered to praise the Lord all day long, I did not. But what I can say is that before the end of the day, I remembered that Thanksgiving does not have to wait the two months until September comes. Thanksgiving is for every day – no matter what our days look and feel like. When I set my mind on the Lord’s blessings, I was surprised to see how very many gifts I have had sitting right in my lap that I overlooked because my heart was set on other matters.

Fortunately, thankfully, I can end this day with thanksgiving and praise rather than self-pity and hurt. I can remember to place my trust in the Lord, who no matter my circumstances always has His love waiting, His answer in front of me, His mercy to receive, and His grace to keep me going.

Thank you Lord for Thanksgiving in September. Thank you, Lord, most importantly, for you, Lord. Yes, Lord, thank you for you.

Psa 69:30“I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” NKJV
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