In a Prison of Words


Words. Manic depressive. Bi-polar. Herniated disc. Post traumatic stress disorder. Major depression. Flashbacks. Anxiety. Alcoholism. Anorexia. Self-mutilation. Suicidal tendencies. Anti-depressants for life. Chronic neck pain. Psychotic episodes. You will never have a normal life. Statistics are against you. Words, words, and more words. I fought some. I gave up with others. For the most part, I believed the world’s words. I knew nothing about the Word of God. I believed the world, and I lived for most of my life thus far in a prison of the world’s words. Today I am free. Freer than I have ever been. Free and healed. Living a normal life. I live by God’s Word. I believe Him. I was given a key that set me free from decades of imprisonment. His name is Jesus Christ. If you believe the world’s words above the Word of God, you will likely find yourself in the same prison in which I dwelled.
“Life and death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21 KJV),” and I know all about believing the world’s words above the Lord’s. Almost every time a doctor, therapist, or counselor gave me a new diagnosis, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I ran to the library, the Internet, more doctors, friends, whoever, whatever, and researched the words until the walls of my prison closed in so tight I could barely breathe – and barely live. I was not living the abundant life promised to those who believe in Jesus Christ. I was dying every day I could have been living. And if the truth be known, I loved the attention of running to everyone with the latest diagnosis – of words.

On a regular basis, I talk to people who are stuck exactly where I was. They believe everything the doctor says; they hold medical science and university degrees above the Lord. The Bible tells us to cast down anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God, and yet I did the opposite. I exalted the world’s words – higher and higher, until I could not see out my prison. My life was all about the words people handed me.

“You’ll need anti-depressants for the rest of your life,” one doctor said. I never even considered what God could do through faith in Jesus Christ and the renewing of my mind by study of God’s Word.

I have not taken so much as an aspirin in years. If God wants me back on anti-depressants, I will trust Him and do so.

“You will never be able to lie on your stomach again when you sleep, even though it’s your favorite way to sleep,” the physical therapist told me years ago. “Your herniated disc will cause problems for your entire life.”

Last night, I slept so peacefully – on my stomach. I do not remember the last time I had the pain of a herniated disc.

“You have post traumatic stress disorders,” professionals explained to me. That would mean a lifetime of nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, and walking through life stuck in childhood trauma.

I cannot recall the last time I had a flashback.

The list goes on and on. The more I focus on Jesus Christ and study the Word of God, the more I follow my Savior on my life’s pathway, the less I see of my old life.

For as long as I believed what the world told me, I found my prison sentence increased by the day – until I realized I had a death sentence. Satan wanted me executed, and I was helping him every time I put the world’s words above the Lord’s.

I love God’s Word. It is true. And it is all about life.

The key to my freedom?

My precious Jesus the Christ. Faith in Him and study and application of the Word have redeemed me from a death sentence and given me everlasting life – including an amazing, abundant life here on earth.

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