Breaking the World’s Rules


Today I broke the world’s rules. Over and over. I find increasingly that following Jesus Christ involves breaking rules. Jesus says, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me (Luke 9:23 KJV).” As I learn to do just this, I find I break the world’s rules.
How so? Today, for instance, I wrote a fundraising piece that was too long. Any non-profit director would have told me so. I did not earn enough money to pay my bills and put away savings. A good financial advisor would have pointed out my mistake. I did not take enough time for my makeup. A cosmetologist would have pointed it out. I did not live by the world’s rules, you see. But I followed Jesus.

As I follow Him, as I deny myself, I deny the world. I run the risk of the world’s rejection and persecution by not playing by its rules, but my reward comes in pleasing the Lord.

God knows best. He knows how long my fundraising piece needs to be – despite the world’s standards. He knows how He will provide my finances to pay bills – despite the world’s rules about jobs and income. He loves me even without my makeup – despite our society’s view on beauty. He even knows how many mistakes I made today and granted me mercy every time I confessed my faults to Him today.

Loving the Lord may mean I may break the world’s rules and expectations. But one thing is for sure.

I am my Father’s daughter – and I can think of no better calling than to follow my Savior – broken human rules and all.

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