In God’s Hands


“So now I place it in your hands! Oh Lord, thank you!” I prayed to the Lord.

I had just come into my hotel room from driving around on errands at the end of which I had had a few really exciting ideas about writing projects. Yeah! I love to write! I love, love, love to write for the Lord & to help others to find and follow Him! I love new writing projects especially exciting ones. But I have learned that not every idea that comes to mind is from the Lord! Sometimes they are! Sometimes they are not! Sometimes they are God’s will for me! Sometimes they are anything but! Sometimes they are His plan for His purpose for His glory! Sometimes the ideas are borne of the flesh. And for far too much of my life, including since coming to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, I was acting like a little self-centered lord over my little life chasing after my wishes, ways, and wants – and ideas! Now things have changed, and this is what I am compelled to share with you. For God did not leave me as I was. He has transformed me into who I am today. Totally His.

We who have turned from our sins to Jesus Christ as Lord are to seek and follow the Lord – not the flesh! The Lord always knows what’s best! He has His perfect plans for His perfect purposes for His amazingly awesome glory!

The job of His followers is for us to chase after the Lord and His will for us to bring Him love, praise, honor, adoration and glory – not chase after what our flesh lusts after to please ourselves and bring ourselves pleasure and glory as we live apart from God. We are to abide – to trust, rest, put our hope in, put our confidence in, put our faith in, put our expectation in, and obey – THE LORD!

Friend, I placed my ideas that day in God’s hands trusting He would let me know His will and enable me to fulfill it whether this would mean pursuing those ideas or simply letting them go.

May we who believe in and follow Jesus Christ as Lord place our hearts and lives – ideas included – ever in the Lord’s hands! Trusting Him to lead us, guide us, and provide for us! Amen!

“Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

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