In the Thick of the Battle


“How can you possibly have so much energy after everything you’ve been through and all that you’re doing?” I asked Pastor Freddie on the telephone this morning.

“You don’t get tired in the middle of the battle,” Pastor Freddie reminded me, almost always managing to include a biblical lesson in the midst of a telephone conversation. “You wait until the war is over to get tired.”
I was reminded of a conversation we had when I was a baby Christian.

“Pastor Freddie,” I told him some years ago excitedly. “My new friend told me to put on the armor of God described in Ephesians 6 every single day.”

I was so proud of myself for the lesson I had learned.

Pastor Freddie, on his part, was deeply disturbed.

“Are you kidding me?” he said, replacing the milk I had been given with solid meat. “Why would you take your armor off in the middle of the war?”

He proceeded to explain that putting my armor on every day revealed that I would also be taking it off every day. He told me emphatically that I had no business removing my armor in the middle of the battle of my life.

I have since learned not only to keep my armor on in the middle of a major war; I also need to use it. A sword is not effective sitting useless in my hand, nor is a shield effective without holding it up.

Not only should I not take my armor on and off in the middle of battle; I need to use it in order to assume the victory that is mine in Christ Jesus.

The choice is yours. Will you keep your armor on in the midst of your battle? And, will you use it?

Recommended Study: Ephesians 6, the Holy Bible.

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