Is Church Your Lover?


I couldn’t see it at the time, and only could I see clearly in retrospect when I finally repented, but for a long time years ago I had a love affair with church, Christianity, Bible study, my Bible, house meetings, Christians, etc. How so? I loved them more than I loved God. Even worse, I loved them in God’s place. They were my first love. Worst of all, I discovered when the Lord opened my eyes that I really didn’t have a personal intimate relationship with Him at all. I had a relationship with Christianity and things and people Christian. Then God used some tough life’s circumstances to lead me to repentance, set me free, and began to teach me how to develop a loving, ever-growing, indescribably rewarding, unfathomably fulfilling, utterly amazing, breathtakingly beautiful forever personal relationship with Himself.

Today, the Lord Jesus Christ is my first love, highest priority, greatest desire, number one, etc. And everything else the Lord desires in my life falls below my first love.

Isn’t it something, isn’t it surprising, and isn’t it tragic that we can find ourselves having a love affair with church and Christianity and in so doing essentially commit spiritual adultery against the Lord because our hearts, eyes, focus, and devotion are first and foremost focused on and dedicated to them rather than our being humbly and blessedly wholly devoted to Him!

Please take a close look at your own heart and life. Is Jesus your first love? Is your time alone with God and the Bible more important than anything or anyone else including church? Is your greatest priority the Lord not church, Bible study, small group, Bible school, Christians, your pastor, your Bible study teacher, your service to the Lord, Sunday school, etc.?

Please make sure your priorities are in order. And please don’t just consider this now. Examine your heart and life regularly before the Lord to make sure you are thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner pleasing, honoring, and glorifying to Him. And, when this is not the case, please REPENT and get your priorities in order! Jesus number one – always. Hallelujah!

Oh, dear God, forgive us for every time we have ever put anything or anyone above you including when it comes to Christianity. To church and pastors, to Christians and Sunday school, to Christian college, etc. Oh, Lord, we don’t just need your mercy. We need your power and strength by your Holy Spirit to live in obedience to you, dear Father. Oh, God, give your children a fresh inpouring of your Holy Spirit and teach us to be faithful to you, loyal to you, always striving to glorify you in all that we think, say, and do. Oh, God, how we need you! Forgive our pride when we are prideful, oh Lord. Teach us to humble ourselves before you continually. To purify ourselves continually, dear God. I call upon your name, Jesus, for us all, that you would bring us into the place of humility and submission and surrender and obedience you want us to be in, dear Lord, AMEN!

This verse below from the Old Testament may refer to different people long ago and the situation and circumstances pertaining to them, but please consider how the Lord might speak to us through it. God who sets us free when we repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord brings to light at times our harlotry, our spiritual adultery, when we go chasing after other things and people as our greatest love and priority. Oh, may the Lord have mercy upon us and give us the wisdom and strength to live according to His ways! Oh, may He forgive us and give us the resolve and perseverance to follow Him – faithfully and forever, AMEN!

“For of old time I have broken thy yoke, and burst thy bands; and thou saidst, I will not transgress; when upon every high hill and under every green tree thou wanderest, playing the harlot.” Jeremiah 2:20 KJV

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