Your Purpose in Life


When we love and adore someone, we yearn to express our love to the person, to bring pleasure and joy and goodness to the person, to bless the person, to serve the person, and to be generous and giving toward and to make sacrifices for the person, right? True love desires this, doesn’t it? How then does the love God commands us to have for Him and the exceeding love we most assuredly will have for Him once we enter into and grow in a personal relationship with Him and know Him increasingly and become closer and closer to Him relate to our life’s purpose?

The primary purpose of all humans is to love, serve, obey, adore, praise, worship, and glorify God now and forever and to help others to do the same. But God also gives each of us an individual, personal purpose which in fulfilling we are blessed and privileged to bring love, joy, honor, praise, pleasure, and glory to the Lord.

For some of us we already know our individual life’s purpose. For others of us we need to seek the Lord and trust He will make known our personal life’s purpose. For others of us we may have a different individual purpose in different seasons of our lives and need continually to seek Him as He brings to light His will to us as we walk down our life’s pathway following Him.

Whether it be our collective life’s purpose to love and glorify God forever and to help others do the same or our individual life’s purpose God assigns to us, our purpose is an opportunity to express our love for and to the Lord!

Sadly, in this self-centered world, oftentimes people think of finding their life’s purpose as important merely to find self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment and to be happy and to feel good about themselves. Their main motive is self. But though we can find personal satisfaction in fulfilling our purpose, our greatest motive and fulfillment should come in bringing love, honor, praise, and glory to the Lord!

Please consider this when you reflect on your purpose in life. May the Lord Jesus Christ be your first love, and may your desire to find and fulfill your purpose in life above all else be for the glory of Christ, AMEN!

Oh, Father, for anyone reading this who already knows his or her life’s purpose, please God strengthen their resolve to fulfill it and provide all they need to do so! For those who do not yet know, oh God, stir up in them an enormous desire to seek you and to hear from you and give them a willingness to forsake all for you as they strive to fulfill it. Oh, may each and every one of us oh Lord love you with all our hearts and love others as ourselves and fulfill our ministry, our service, to you, oh Lord through the life’s purpose to which you call us, dear Father, AMEN!

I love how the following verse makes clear that the lifestyle of sin we once lived is to be replaced with a lifestyle of obedience to the Lord. Of fulfilling His will for us. This includes His purpose for us, doesn’t it? Oh, cry out to the Lord, dear friend! For forgiveness for any and all ways in which you have sinned against Him. And that He would show you His purpose for your life and enable you to fulfill it! Hallelujah! Amen!

“That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God.” 1 Peter 4:2

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