Is God Preparing You?

God is preparing me. How do I know? He told me so. But sometimes I forget. Sometimes I try to jump ahead of where I am. I try to dive into the places I am not yet supposed to be. I try to move ahead of myself. When I do this, I am running ahead of God. Then I go spinning in circles, lost, frustrated, confused, wondering why I feel stuck and unable to get to where I want to go. Sometimes God simply tells me to be still because He is preparing me. Sometimes God tells me to move – for the very same reason.

Yes, moving forward can be part of the preparation. When God told me to Rest, Trust, and Wait, He had a reason in mind. He is preparing me, and for right now He wants me to Rest, Trust, and Wait as He does exactly that. Oh, how I long to go to the places I believe God has called me to go. But the time is not yet. And if I arrive at my next destination without being prepared, I surely will miss the fullness of what God has designed for me to experience and do there. So why not enjoy the season of preparation?

In my own case, I am hungry to write books. No, I am not merely hungry. I am starving to write them. But God told me it is not yet time. Why? Obviously I am not yet ready. He is preparing my heart, and He is teaching me how to write in a new way. He has shown me my tendency to write in the flesh with a fear of man leading the way. He is teaching me to walk in His love, and to write as an act of worship in the Spirit.

In the free will He has given us, I have the choice to run ahead of God. But I have fallen flat on my face for long enough! This time, I want to learn not only to walk in His love. I want to learn to let Him lead, I want to learn to follow as an obedient, well loved child, and I want to arrive at my next destination with joy, patience, trust, and the love of the Lord.

Yes, God is preparing me. He wants the very best for me. He wants the very best for you also. Is He preparing you? Learn to walk with Him. Go at His pace. Trust His will. He has the perfect plan. He wants all of us prepared as we learn to walk in His love and to follow Him by faith.

Ecc 3:1  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….”

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